Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rite Aid

Well I decided I needed to get out shopping today. I needed milk and bread, and wanted to try a double shop at CVS again like I did last week. I worked through the day looking for CVS and Kroger deals, and then at the last minute got together some Rite Aid deals copied from Brandy's blog and Southern Savers.
Turned out the Rite Aid shops were the only ones that turned out any good.
With my luck, though, I may find out later I didn't even get the right stuff for the SCRs.
Transaction 1: Found the John Freida Frizz Ease on clearance for $3.24 each. I looked at the ad and the rebate book, but couldn't never tell for sure if the spray stuff was included, or only shampoo. I thought I interpreted it mean Any John Frieda Frizz Ease hair stuff, but who knows.

With the overage from my coupons, I bought the milk, bread, tp, and candy. The tp was $1.00 more than I thought because they were working on putting on next week's signs and it didn't occur to me to look for the date. It was ok, though, because the candy was .50 less than I was expecting.

$3.24 x 5 John Frieda
$2.99 Milk
$1.50 Bread
$1.50 Candy
$3.99 toilet paper
= $26.18

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv q
-3.00 x 5 John Frieda MQs 3/07 SS
-1.00 x 5 RA Vv q JF Frizz-ease

Total: $1.18 + 1.24 tax = $2.42 oop
SCR #41 KAO Brands $5.00 = $2.58 profit
(Dang, I love it when they pay me to buy milk, bread, candy, and tp!!)

ETA: Here is the SCR for the John Frieda; it does say just John Frieda hair care products.
The SCR is good through 3/27, so still time to look for more of these on the clearance racks. I used all my $3.00 q's, but I think there are some $2.00 ones that might work, too.

March 2010
Rebate #41
Valid from 02/28/10 to 03/27/10
$5.00 Rebate
KAO Brands

Purchase Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) Worth of Any Variety:
• Jergens Natural Glow or Moisturizers, Biore Facial Care Products, Ban Antiperspirant Deodorant, John Frieda Hair Care Products or Curel Moisturizers
Offer valid 02/26/10 - 03/25/10 in select California stores and 02/28/10 - 03/27/10 in all other stores.

**I wonder if I might get an additional $3.24 SCR from this one...I don't even know what the stuff in the tube was...shampoo or what?
March 2010
Rebate #4
Valid from 02/28/10 to 03/27/10
up to $6.99 Rebate
Frizz Ease

Purchase One (1) of Any Variety:
• Styling Item AND
Purchase One (1) of Any Variety:
• Shampoo or Conditioner and
receive back by mail the purchase price of the Shampoo or Conditioner
Both items must be purchased to qualify towards rebate
*Purchase Price Will Be Refunded (up to $6.99). Sales tax excluded.
Offer valid 02/26/10 - 03/25/10 in select California stores and 02/28/10 - 03/27/10 in all other stores.

Transaction 2:
$5.00 Biore Strips and Cleansers x 4
= $20.00

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv q
-5.00 x 2 BOGO MQ 3/07 SS

Total $1.00 + 1.05 tax = $2.05
SCR #41 KAO Brands $5.00 = $2.95 Profit

Transaction #3: I went to another store for the next two trans. Both these stores have histories of giving me trouble, so two trans was pushing it, I felt like, so no way I was going to try more.

The Store Manager was at this store tonight, she was the one I'd spoke to a few weeks ago when her cashiers were only going to accept one of each coupon. She had told me then she was going to send me a Gift Card, and I told not to worry about it, all I wanted was to be able to shop at the store without being treated like a crook. She insisted, but didn't get around to sending it, no biggie.
Tonight I introduced myself, and wanted to tell her how much better it has been shopping there since we talked. She asked had I gotten the gift card, and I said no, but that's okay, that's not what I was looking for. She said she believed it was still sitting on her desk in the back, and insisted on giving me a $10 gift card right there. So that was nice.

She also had to price adjust some things that didn't ring up right, maybe because they are a "Short Ad" store? I dunno. I hope it's not because I got the wrong stuff, and won't end up qualifying for my SCRs.

$9.99 Pampers (rang up $11.99)
$9.99 Metamucil (rang up $13.99)
$2.74 Oral-B TB
$2.74 Oral-B TB
$4.99 Nyquil
= $30.45

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv q
-2.00 Pampers MQ
-3.00 Metamucil MQ
- .75 Oral-B MQ
-2.74 Oral-B BOGO MQ
-1.50 Nyquil MQ

-10.00 Gift Card (had been going to use $10 GoS)
-5.00 Gift of Savings

Total $0.46 + 1.43 tax = $1.89
SCR #13 Metamucil $5.00; #39 Oral-B Toothbrush $1.00; #19 Nyquil $2.00; #18 $10.00 RA GC wyb $30.00 P&G Products = $11.11 Profit

Transaction #4: another Biore deal
$5.00 Biore Strips and Cleansers x 4
= $20.00

-5.00/20.00 RA Vv q
-5.00 x 2 BOGO MQ 3/07 SS

Total $1.00 + 1.05 tax = $2.05
SCR #41 KAO Brands $5.00 = $2.95 Profit

Total Value All Items: $96.63
Total Spent: $8.64 + 4.77 tax = $13.41
Total SCR/Gift Card: $33.00
Final Total: $19.59 Profit


Cheap&Sweet said...

I was wondering if you'd make it out to shop this week? Not a whole lot of great deals for me. I stayed home as much as possible.
Great finds!

Earthy Mama said...

For the KAO brand SCR you just have to buy $15 of any JF or Biore (or other item listed) product. For the Frizz Ease one, you buy one shampoo/conditioner and one styler and get reimbursed the cost of the shampoo/conditioner. I was able to find a ton of clearanced JF stuff and I've been buying it for that SCR, but haven't found any stylers yet! Still looking. ;)

Melissa said...

I think that Spiral Style stuff I got is a Styler. I'm just not sure if the stuff in the tube is shampoo.

Both Rite Aids I went in today had beaucoup of it.

Do you have any more scenarios for any of the other stuff? I guess the Biore is gone off sale now?

I am so far behind.