Sunday, October 4, 2009


My son had a Cross-Country meet Saturday morning...his run wasn't until 10:35, but the team has to travel together on the bus so he had to be there at 6:45am. We dropped him off and headed on to Rome, where the meet was being held, and I had some time to do some Drug Store shops.

CVSI was surprised CVS had everything I was looking for to do my deals! In two separate orders I purchased the same above items (only pictured one order):
$1.00 Dawn
$4.00 Tide x 3
$14.99 Accucheck Meter
-$5/$25 Flu Quiz IP
-10.00 Accucheck Meter
-1.00 Dawn HomeMadeSimple booklet
-1.00 Tide Stain Release Blinkie x 3

1st Transaction - Paid with $8.99 ECB and .75 tax cash
2nd Transaction - Paid w/ $8.00 ECB and .99 + .75 tax cash

Received $5.00 Accucheck, $5.00 Accucheck, and $10.00 P&G ECB
Total of $0.52 profit.

I had two plans for purchasing today, one of them being for the items pictured. The other plan didn't work out because they were out of Dentek, and it was just too early and I was too tired to try to improvise without royally messing up.

$4.00 Therflu x 3
$3.00 Oral-B Toothbrush
-6.00 Therflu Wags Healthy Book Q
- .75 Oral B Advantage

Paid with $6.00 Gillette Razor RR and $2.00 Dentek or Herbal Essence RR, and .25 + $1.05 tax cash.

Got back $8.00 Therflu RR and $3.00 Oral-B RR.
Total $3.40 profit.

Also stopped in a Rite Aid looking to do one more Synovium/Candy deal, but, same as the other 4 or 5 Rite Aids I visited last week, there was only 2 bottles of it on the shelf. Never less, never more, and yet they all claim that's all they had. Riiiight.

In one of my deals last week, I was able to switch up my items some and buy 3 Synoviums in two different orders.
But I didn't know at first I was never going to be able to find 3 bottles at one time, so my very first deal I bought all my "other" items. After that, had I bought the Synovium separately, I wouldn't've been able to use my $5/$25 coupon, which would have made the Synovium cost more.

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