Saturday, October 24, 2009


There seemed to be a couple of good deals at Kroger I would have liked to get in on, and then some other deals, so I managed to put together enough to make the trip.

One good deal was the Ziploc Catalina; buy 3, get $2.00 OYNO. I had B1G1 MQs and .40/1 MQs. But the deal called for baggies priced between $1.84 and $2.19, and the cheapest my Kroger had was $2.29.

There is also a Pillsbury Catalina deal, buy 4, get $2.00 OYNO; 5, get $3.00; 6, get $4.00 (I think?). I didn't know the prices of the items going in, but took all my coupons with me and hoped to make a deal on the fly. You know that didn't happen.
The deal is good thru Nov. 7th (I think?) so I wrote down the prices and will try to work on some deals at home.

I did get the Buy 4, get $4.00 instantly Post Cereal and Nature Valley deals.
I had $1.00 coupons off the Nut Clusters, along with $1.00 Shortcuts, $1.00 Cellfire ecoupons, and also a .40 Granola Bar Shortcuts ecoupon I wasn't expecting. Made the Nut Clusters a .40 MM.
I had $2.00 coupons for the Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, so after the $4.00 off, made $2.00 overage.

The Aquafresh was 10 for $10.00, or $1.00 each, and I had .50 coupons that doubled.
The Fruit2O waters were also 10 for $10.00, and I had $1.00 coupons. So all those were free.

The Tabasco Sauce was $1.39, and I used a .50 coupon doubled to $1.00, plus a .50 Shortcuts ecoupon, givng me .11 overage.

I had two .50 off ground beef coupons...they had $1.79 lb. ground beef, but only the 5 lb. packs. The next smallest packages were $2.43 and $2.44. With my coupon, doubled, it should have been $1.43 and $1.44 a package, not a bad price for GB.
Turned out my coupons didn't scan, and as the boy was manually putting them in, he saw that it said Do Not Double at the top, so he didn't.

I said that I understood that Kroger's policy was to double coupons, and he said it is...the ones that they let them. I said WHO doesn't let you? He said the coupons. I said that makes no sense because it's Kroger losing the money on doubling, not the coupon.

He didn't know how to answer that, and I didn't push it with him. He was just doing what he was supposed to. But I plan to email Corp and complain that Kroger is reneging on their coupon policy by not doubling the coupons even if they say Do Not Double.
I still don't understand why the Manufacturer's put that on coupons, when it shouldn't matter a hill of beans to them if a store doubles or not. The Manufacturer is only going to pay face value of the coupon, like it says in the fine print, so what do they care if stores double or not?

I also got 3 bags of French Fried Taters, on sale for $1.88 each. Near as I can recall, that's about the cheapest price on fries/tots I've seen. I don't recall them going BOGO at Publix, and it's still cheaper than $1.50/2 Ore-Ida taters. (Yes, I could have gotten taters cheaper at Publix using Overage/RRs, but I was here and decided to just get them.)

Same with the Sam Adams beer for the hubby. He'd mentioned yesterday I hadn't gotten him any beer in a long time, so I figured, well, I've been saving so much on my other shopping, I guess we can splurge for some beer.

Total before coupons: $57.89
Total Spent: $21.10 + 1.72 tax = $22.82

Got a $3.00 OYNO Catalina for buying 4 boxes of cereal.

*Of course, the very next day Ore-Ida taters are included in the Buy 10 Get $5 Off sale.
$1.99 (.50 off wyb 10 price)
-1.50/2 IP Q
= $2.48, or $1.24 each

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