Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I usually don't buy the Free After RR items if they aren't money-makers, but in this case I wanted and will use the SoftSoap Ensembles, and the best way to buy them for me was to roll the deal with the Dulcolax.

Softsoap Sale:
$5.99 Pump
$3.99 Base
Get $4.00 RR wyb both

Use coupons:
$2.00 off Pump or Base tearpad q found at Walgreens
$3.99 Free Base wyb Pump SS 10/25

= Free after RR

Dulcolax Sale:
Get $4.00 RR

Use coupon:
$3.00 Hangtag q

= Free after RR
(Also a $5 mail-in-rebate on the hangtag, Bonus)

Since every item has a coupon to it, you have to buy a filler item to be able to use the RR to pay for each deal.

I needed a couple more of the goblets, and they were on clearance at this Wags for .84 each also so I got those as my fillers. There is alot of other Halloween items on clearance, too.

You can also get items like the Royal Gelatin, Act 2 popcorn, or any of the other items that have in-ad coupons. The Wags coupons aren't supposed to count against the item count.

I say they aren't supposed to, but I believe they have counted against me before. But after I started making sure to give the in-ad coupons last, after my manufacturer coupons and RRs, I haven't had any trouble using them as fillers.

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