Thursday, October 29, 2009

Printer Ink Outage

No picture of printer ink, because I still don't have any!

I went to Staples this afternoon, and the only one they were out of was the Black ink for my printer!!!

What is the deal???

I asked the General Manager if there was any other "number" that might fit my printer, but there isn't.

He said, though, he could order the ink for me. I was like, nnnnah, surely I can find some before it could get delivered....

He said I would have it tomorrow. I asked would I have to drive back up there to get it, and he said I could have it delivered at my house. So then I was like, yeah but, how much would shipping be on that.

So he says, when they are out of stock on something like that, and order it, then there is no shipping charge.

Well I couldn't pass up a deal like that. I didn't have time to go anywhere else this afternoon to look for any, so it'd be tomorrow anyway before I could go out. Even better if they bring it me, rather than me having to try to chase it down somewhere.
Turly I wonder if there's any anywhere, after it being out in all the places we checked, in three different cities! And Staples!

I wonder if it will really show up tomorrow?

*Update: The ink showed up at my door before lunchtime this morning! Thanks Staples!

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