Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I was in this Walmart on Sunday and saw a few things I wanted that were out, or that I needed to go home and get coupons for. I had to make a return for my hubby, so figured I'd go back to this WM and see what I could get.

They had restocked the Crunch'N'Munch and Natural Sensations cat treats.
The Crunch was $1.86, and my coupons were $2.00, so I wasn't sure how that was going to work out. But they were expiring soon, and I didn't want to just waste them without even trying. In for a penny, in for a pound, I had eight coupons so that's how many packs I got.
The coupons beeped and the register asked "Valid Coupon Amount?" and the girl just hit the button putting them through. So I got .16 overage. I wasn't caring as much about the overage as just being able to get them free, so this was a bonus.

The Natural Sensations were also $1.86; the coupons were for "Free" so I wasn't concerned about them not working. But there's no place on the face of the coupon where it tells the cashier to write the amount, so I was hoping it'd give me the whole $2.25 amount, like the Mighty Dog food coupons did. (They didn't.)

I didn't find any $1.50 BenGay patches or .97 trial size Clean&Clear.

When I was there Sunday, they had the Edwards pie singles for $1.12 each. I had only been carrying 1 coupon around, to remind me to look at prices when I'm in a Walmart. At other Walmarts the pie pieces were like $2.00.
So I got the rest of my coupons and went back to get my .12 pie slices - and they were gone. Not out...completely gone. Not even an empty space.

The Ore-Ida french fried taters used to be .88, but have gone up .93 each. Two were $1.86, minus my $1.00/2 coupon made them .43 a box.


Earthy Mama said...

Aren't there $1.50/2 coupons for the Ore-ida- in the paper week before last maybe?

Melissa said...

There is but it says $1.50/2 bags of Ore-Ida. I wasn't sure if I could use it on the two boxes. But I will probably try it sometime. All they can say is wrong item, right.