Monday, October 26, 2009

Lucky Find

I saw an idea at Kroger the other day for bouquets of the fun size candy bars arranged in Halloween Goblets. I knew Walgreens had some pretty cheap Halloween plastic cups and figured I could make similar. But when I went to the Halloween section to look for the cups for my fillers, I found these goblets on clearance for .84 each.

I cut a chunk of floral foam to fit in the goblet and anchored it with Rolos on each side. I taped the candy to bamboo skewers broke in half, and poked the skewers into the foam in varying depths. Then filled in any blank spaces with Rolos and Kisses.


The Leonards said...

This is one of my favorite blogs that I check daily, so I am passing on the Best blog Award, you can check it out here

Melissa said...

Wow, Thanks!