Thursday, October 22, 2009


Wasn't an exciting shopping week at Publix for me. Mainly I wanted the Ritz Crackers/free Crackerfuls deal. I got 6 boxes of each. I'll take the Ritz to Mom's to go with her Cheez-balls she makes for the Holiday gatherings. And I tasted a Crackerfuls free sample at Target and they were very good, so I hid those on the backside of a shelf for myself, hehe!

Also got 5 Sun Crystals sweeteners. They have been out most everytime I've looked for them so I wanted to spend the coupons while the spending was good before they expired.

Igot two gallons of milk, and two packages of sliced beef and turkey sandwich meat. We still have a load of ham sandwich meat from the Food Lion deal I did back in the summer, but I think we're getting kindly tired of only it.

For overage I got 10 Bear Naked bars, a box of Knox Gelatine, and Maybelline Eye Liner.

I also spent a $7.00 Walgreens Register Reward off the total.

$1.99 Sun Crystals x 5
$2.49 Eye Liner
$1.39 Knox Gelatin
$1.59 Bear Naked x 10
$3.25 Crackerfuls x 6
$3.49 Ritz BOGO x 3 (total 6 boxes)
$2.59 milk x 2
$ .60 sandwich meat x 2
= $66.08

$2.00 Maybelline Publix Q
$7.00 Walgreens RR Competitor Q
$1.00 Maybelline MQ
$1.00/2 Nabisco Crackers MQ x 3
$3.25 Free Crackerfuls MQ x 6
$4.00 Knox MQ
$2.00 Sun Crystals MQ x 5
$2.00 Bear Naked MQ x 10

Total -$0.42 + 1.28 tax = $0.86 oop (Kraft Gift Card)

Oh, and I can use this receipt towards the Nabisco rebate...whatever it is, I have forgotten...


Lisa said...

Great Shopping Trip!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Lisa...and thanks for visiting.

My Mom shares your obsessions with FireKing and Pyrex and old dishes like that.