Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kroger Mega 2

I wanted to go shop at Publix today, but my printer ink ran out last night and I couldn't print alot of the coupons I needed to make a trip worthwhile to drive.
This morning my son had some spare time before needing to be at school so I got him to go by Walmart to get me some ink. He called and said they were out of Black, which is also the one I'm out of here.

So I said well, okay, not a biggie, I'll run up to the other Walmart, and can make another Kroger run while I'm there. Different Kroger from yesterday, but also nice people, not giving me any coupon hassles.

Anyway, that Walmart had neither the Black nor Color ink for my printer. Very strange, because when I worked at WM, we always had an abundance of printer ink, too much to fit on the rack. We'd try to put it in a box in the Back, and our Manager was always harrassing us to get it out, get it out. Make room for it...don't care how.

So, goes on, son gets out of school for the day and stops at another Walmart in another town. They are out of the Black ink for my printer!!!!!!!!

So either someone/thing is trying to tell me something :wwwooooo: Stay out of the bad Publix :wwwwooooo: (those were supposed to be ghostly sounds, lol), or ?
I hope they aren't discontinuing the ink for my printer!

$.49 Carnation Evaporated Milk
-.50/2 (doubles to 1.00) SS 9/27
= Free/2 (.02 overage)

$.99 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
-1.00 ICBINB Sticks Blinkie q/Parade magazine 8/09
= Free (.01 overage)

$.99 Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
-1.00 Parade 10/11
= Free (.01 overage)
*Got $1.00 OYNO wyb 6

$.50 Hall's Drops
- .35 (doubled to .70) SS 9/27
= Free (.20 overage)

$.50 Ricola Natural Mixed Berry w/ Vitamin C)
-1.00/2 BOGO
= Free/2

$1.49 Chocolatey Chex Mix
-.50 Cellfire eq
-.50 (doubles to 1.00) IP Q
= Free

$.99 Whiskas Cat Treats
- .50 (doubles to $1.00) RP 10/25
= Free (.01 overage)

$.79 Hormel Chili w/ Beans (3)
-2.00/3 SS 10/18
= .13 each (.37/3)

$1.49 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes (5)
-.40 Shortcuts eq
-.50/2 (doubled to 1.00) 9/13 GM (2)
= 5.05/5 (1.01 each)
*Got back $3.50 OYNO Catalina wyb 5
Final Cost 1.55/5 (.31 each)

$1.99 Pillsbury Rolled Pie Crusts (4)
-.50/2 Cellfire eq
-.50/2 Shortcuts eq
-1.00/2 Blinkie q (2)
= 4.96/4 (1.24 each)
*Got back $2.00 OYNO Catalina wyb 4
Final Cost 2.96/4 (.74 each)

$6.99 Febreeze Noticables Starter Kit (Not Mega Sale)
-3.00 P&G eq
-4.00 PG 9/27
=Free (.01 overage)

$2.76 Bic Bella Soliel Razors (BOGO 5.52, but rang up half price)
-3.00 SS 9/20 (possibly .24 overage)

$2.75 Bic Twilight Soliel Razors (BOGO 5.49, but rang up half price)
-3.00 SS 9/20 (possibly .25 overage)

Value Before Coupons and Mega Sale: $91.11
Total Spent including tax: $4.04
*Got $3.50 OYNO, $2.00 OYNO, and $1.00 OYNO
Final Total: $2.46 Profit


Earthy Mama said...

My whiskas coupons state "Indoor" and they all beeped. The cashier pushed them through, but I was wondering if yours did too? My store didn't have the "indoor" ones.

Also, the Carnation evap milk is $.79 after mega in our region. boo.

Melissa said...

I don't think my coupons said Indoor. Some of them said Naturals, but the Naturals wasn't included in the sale.

I couldn't tell you if they was crazy, alot of my coupons beeped at the first register, even ones that had no reason to, like for overage, but then didn't beep the next time.

Then today some would scan with no beep, but others would need the buttons pushed. I never could figure out what was going on.

Earthy Mama said...

What about your playtex gloves q's? Mine were all for "Living" but the only Living ones were the drip catch cuff, and those were $1 and not $.50. I wanted the overage...

Melissa said...

I don't know what mine said, but they were for $1.00, and I don't think they beeped.