Monday, October 19, 2009


Thought I'd pop into Wally-World and see what kind of deals they had for me; particularly any air freshener deals I had read about.

They had one of the I-Motion Ultra things priced at $ after coupon. The Fragrance Collection candles were $ after coupons.
I used the rest of my Natural Sensations for cat after coupons.

I had also found the trial Clean & Clear face wash at .97 each...thought my coupons were expiring today, so tried to get 5 of them. I figured at the worst I'd just have them take them off, whatever.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get the overage on the C&C so I got a bag of worms just in case.
Turned out, the coupons beeped asking "Valid Coupon Amount?" and the girl pushed the button to put them through, and I would have gotten the items and the overage, until she says "Today is the 19th. These expired yesterday".
I really didn't know it was the wrong day, I wasn't trying to sneak these past a Walmart Cashier...have a hard enough time using valid coupons with them!
But I asked her if one day really made a difference, because coupons are redeemable by the stores for up to six months. So she asked one of the CS Supervisors standing there if she could still take it and the CSS said no and made up some story about "they system" wouldn't accept it. BS!

I really just don't understand why Walmart is so against accepting coupons, and will find any reason to not to.

In the end, my total came up to .97 for the bag of candy, and 1.99 tax. Total $2.96.

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