Saturday, October 24, 2009


Still had $8.00 of the RRs I was trying to blow left, and they expired today, so I wanted to go ahead and get rid of them before I had to worry about possibly not being able to use them later. I remembered there was a Wags not too far from my Aunt's house, where I had to go today anyway, so I went there. Never shopped there before and didn't know what to expect, but it turned out okay for me. Not so much for the guy in line in front of me.

First I got my 4 Starbucks drinks @ $1.29 each with in-ad coupon = $5.16. Paid with $3.00 RR and $2.00 RR.

I saw a coupon tearpad for $1.00 off milk wyb Smooth & Sexy bread (not really Sexy, but I can't remember what it really said), which I didn't really think was a great deal, the milkwas over $3.00 a gallon. But it did occur to me that I could use a loaf of bread.
The bread was $1.79, so I would be spending .79 cash if I bought it with $1.00 RR.
The milk coupon pictured a gallon of milk, but the wording didn't specify a certain size, so I debated as to whether I should try it with a smaller milk. They had pint size bottles of milk and chocolate milk for $1.39, so minus $1.00 coupon would leave .38, added to the 1.79 bread, was just over $2.00. So I could spend two $1.00 RRs and little cash.

In the end I went for it. I'd been fairly lucky in the past with cashiers scanning coupons without really looking at them too closely as long as they didn't beep, so I hoped my luck today.

I had one $1.00 RR left, so I bought 2 Heath bars for 2/$1.00 with Hershey's in-ad coupon.

The cashier did closely read the milk/bread coupon, and mumbled something about having to buy milk, so I pointed to the bottle of chocolate milk and said "Milk". She scanned the coupon without any problem. I commented that it didn't say a certain size of milk and she said no, it sure didn't.

Strictly technically the $1.00 was off the bread anyway. The first 5 numbers of the bar code on the coupon matched the first 5 numbers of the bread. They, the manufacturer, really just wanted you to buy the bread.

Total before coupons: $9.34
Total after Q's and RRs: $.34 + .19 tax = $0.53 oop

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