Monday, October 26, 2009

Rite Aid #%^*&!

Today I did Earthy Mama's scenario at Rite Aid. It was a straight forward deal, no questionable coupons - or so I thought!

$9.99 Huggies P&N Jumbo Diapers
$4.99 Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion
$3.99 St. Ives Elements Cleanser
$2.99 Kotex Tampons 18ct.
$2.44 Nestle Butterfinger
$1.00 Lightbulbs
$1.00 Lightbulbs
= $26.40

$5/$25 RAQ
$3.00 Huggies P&N MQ
$2.00 Huggies RQ VideoPerks Q
$1.00 Vaseline Lotion MQ
$1.00 St. Ives Facial MQ
$1.00 Kotex MQ
$1.00 Nestle MQ

Total $12.40 + 1.40 tax = $13.80 oop

SCR: $4.00 Vaseline, $2.00 Lightbulbs, $3.00 St. Ives, $2.00 Kotex, $3.00 Huggies = $14.00
= .20 profit, and will sell the diapers

Awhile back, doing the Zytrec deal the first time, this same Store Manager told me I couldn't use a Rite Aid coupon stacked with a Manufacturer coupon, because the Rite Aid coupon said Manufacturer Coupon at the top, even though it had an "RC" number barcode. So I took my coupons and went to another Rite Aid and did the deal.
After that I just didn't take any coupons I was stacking, or on BOGO sales, to that Rite Aid.

Then, a couple weeks back, I was at this Rite Aid and the same Store Manager was checking out and said she thought she owed me an apology. I said Oh? And she admitted that she'd been wrong about telling me I couldn't use the Rite Aid coupon with a Manufacturer coupon.

Sooooo, the last I expected today was, this same Store Manager telling me I couldn't use the Rite Aid VideoPerks coupon with a Manufacturer coupon because the Video coupon says Manufacturer Coupon, even though the barcode number starts with "RC".

I told her that I thought we'd already had this discussion, with the Zyrtec deal. So she said "Well I won't credit for it but..." and she took the coupon. But made me feel bad and like I was doing something wrong. I asked her why she says she wouldn't get credit for it, when this was the same coupons like the Zyrtec coupons...She said no, it was different, the coupons in the paper say like Value coupons, not Manufacturer.

If that's so, then why did she refuse my Zyrtec coupons, and have to apologize to me about it later?!?!

After I got home I called Rite Aid Customer Service and spoke to "Bob". Explained to Bob that I had already contacted Customer Service a couple of times before regarding this same situation, and told him what the Store Manager had said, and he said "That's right". What's right? He said their policy was you can't use the coupons together. I said, is this a new policy, because you could them together before. Bob says, that's the policy. I said well, did this policy start this week? He didn't know when it started, but that's their policy.

So flippin' irritating!


Earthy Mama said...

Mel- print out that coupon policy from Rite Aid that I posted a link to on iheartriteaid's website and take it in with you next time. ugh.

Melissa said...

I printed it, but I'm not sure it'll help since she was trying to tell me the coupons from the circular were 'different'.

I did have a copy of an older policy, apparently it's been revised, but it talked about Rite Aid "value" coupons, so I knew that wouldn't help.

Anyway I think I'm just going to call that District Manager I spoke with when I had this same problem with my local Rite Aid here in town. I don't know if he's the DM over that store, but probably knows who is, and can maybe put me in touch with him/her.