Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Roaming

It finally quit raining...well, mostly I got out roaming the roads today.

I went to Cartersville to find some cheaper gas. It had been running about a dime a gallon cheaper than here. Last night hubby put $5 in the car so I could get up there. (No, I wasn't driving that far just to try to save on gas, LOL)

First thing I pass Ingles and they are at $2.25/gal. I thought, Oh dear. But that was okay. If Walmart was cheaper than Ingles - like they usually are by a cent or so - then I would still at least be paying the same that gas cost here.

So I get out there and turn into Walmart Road and round the curve - and nearly fell outta my car! $2.39 a gallon! What are they smoking?? I turned myself right around and got out of there. Whew!

Stopped at the Rite Aid there and they had what I was looking for, so that was good. Stopped and put in $15 of gas at $2.25 at the Kangaroo. Too far to go back to Ingles to save .03/gal.

The Rite Aid 2 miles down the road didn't have what I was looking for. The Rite Aid 9 miles down the road (Cobb County) from there did, as did the next Rite Aid (New Hope), about another 9 miles.

I was apparently distracted and was in the wrong lane going past the next Rite Aid (Hiram). No matter, I went on to my bank and cashed some Staples Rebates checks, then went back up the road to the Rite Aid. As I was sitting in the turning lane waiting for my green arrow, I looked over on the other side of the road and saw the big, new Goodwill store I had wanted to go in and check out. Oh well.

Rite Aid didn't have anything, and next I went browsing Thrift Stores (but not back down to the Goodwill, too hard to get around in the traffic down there).

I did VERY well at the thrift stores today. This is what I got:

That's right, I got nothing! I did good!

The first Thrift Store I visited used to have a .50 clothing sale the middle weekend of each month. Apparently this has changed, and now they are having it one day next Friday.

I haven't been Thrift Store shopping in several months. I've managed to avoid yard sales over the summer, too...not easily, I might add! But I've been working on trying to clean out alot of the stuff I have around here, so I don't want to be out buying more stuff, good deal or not!

Anyway, I was blog-surfing the other night, and ran across a blog where the Author had shopped a Thrift Store and had bought several articles of clothing that she could mix and match and get several different outfits out of, and spent less than $12 for all of it.

Later I was out in the laundryroom folding laundry and wondered why I haven't been to the .50 clothing sale in so long.
As I was putting clothes away, it occured to me - Oh yeah, beause I don't need any clothes!!

But I thought, well, couldn't hurt to go check it out and see if I can find me some britches or shirts. I've bought a few shirts from there that I just love and wear over and over all the time. And I could use some new (different) jeans because I've lost about 13 pounds over the past few months. Don't know how or why, but I'm back down to the size I was before I quit smoking about 9/10 years ago. I still had some of my old jeans packed away here from back then (because I never got rid of anything...hence my problem of needing to avoid yard sales and to clean out around here), but I don't like them anymore. They don't fit like I like.
Since I plan to get around to going through my clothes and toss out clothes I don't like or haven't worn, then it should be okay if I find a couple new (different) things to wear.

Last night I ran across another blog where the Author decorates her home from Dept. stores and Thrift stores, and her home was gorgeous!

I don't know about thrift stores where other people live, but none of the ones around here have as nice or matching stuff as I've seen on people's blogs.

I was scouting for something to hang on the wall in front of my Sweetheart Cabinet. I don't know what I'm looking for, but I figure I'll know when I see it.

After the Thrift Store, I went to the Endless Yardsale in the same shop center. Then I went on up the road and stopped at The Been.
After there I went into a little thrift store I had seen advertised on a local message board. Here I almost fell off the wagon.

They had a set of the Publix Pilgrim S&P Shakers and a napkinholder.
I have some of the Publix S&P shakers, I just can't remember which ones, but I know I don't have the napkin holder.
Just recently I have been worrying over the fact that Publix will be coming out with something this year I already know I'm going to have to I might as well have bought those things in there today and add to my collection.

No, I told myself. I didn't need them. And furthermore, I'm not going to need whatever Publix comes out with this year. (Yeah right! HAHA!)
I thanked the lady and left and went and got my car...and got my change bag out and started counting out how much I had.
I came thisclose to going back in and getting the things. I finally managed to talk myself out of it and leave before it was too late.

I passed a new thrift store in the same building where the Thrift Store used to be because the back of the building faces the direction I was coming from and there was nosign at the street. I went on up the road to a place, Classy Closet? I can't remember.
After there I decided to go back down and see what it was in that other place. Forgot the name of it, too. I want to say Twisted Lives, but surely that's not right?

That was a nice store. Whoever set it up did a really, really good job. They actually made worthless, cheap junk look good. They also have some candy on a table at the front door and I think I heard the girl say they were planning to sell candy, more candy, something.

Almost back home, I see a bright pink "Estate Sale" sign on the corner of a road. Before I even know what happened my car turned in!
I went mostly to see the house. I love looking in other people's houses.
Anyway, no way I could have afforded anything. They had silverware priced at $900.00 and some big colorful painting that looked to me like a kindergartner painted for $2000.00. Apparently it was Something because it had a SOLD sign on it. I wouldn't have paid $2.00 for it.

It was a nice little trip around the way...but I am soooo tired of hearing "And the Jay-Z song was on, and the Jay-Z song was on, and the Jay-Z song was ON" every five minutes!!!

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