Saturday, October 24, 2009

Food Lion

I could have gotten all this (but name brand) for free using overage and RRs at Publix, but, strange as it may sound, it's kindly taken the fun out it. Taken the challenge out of finding good deals.

I spent more at Food Lion than I generally would have at Publix, but I still have to say I feel pretty good about my deals today.

$1.43 18-doz eggs
$ .69 Hamb Buns
$ .69 Hotdog Buns
$2.00 Tostito chips
$2.59 Sweetner
$2.59 Sweetner
= $9.99

$1.00 Food Lion eggs FLip
$1.00/2 Food Lion Buns FLip
$1.00 Food Lion Tostitos FLip
$2.59 Free Ideal Sweetner MQ
$2.59 Free Ideal Sweetner MQ
= $1.81 + .21 tax = $2.02 oop

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