Sunday, December 6, 2009

$4 Connect 4x4 at Walmart

I wasn't paying too much attention to toys and games this year, since the boys are too big for toys, and we have a closet full of games. Then Ryan mentioned we "need" the new Connect 4x4 game, for up to 4 players, that the whole family can play.

My first thought was, oh dang, I already missed the sales/coupons.

But my Shopping Angel was listening, and in today's paper was Walmart's sales ad, with the game on sale for $9.00.

But even better, Collin at Hip2Save blog reminded me that there were some games printable coupons here.
I checked, and found a $5.00 off coupon for Connect 4x4! 

Makes the game $4.00! Yay!

Apparently I was paying even less attention than I first thought. The game at Walmart was the classic Connect 4, in a new packaging from what I'm used to, so I thought it was the Connect 4x4. It wasn't.
I couldn't find the Connect 4x4 at all to see what it cost, though.

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