Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Maria made my shopping at Publix not such a pleasure today.

The Fresh Express salads signs said BOGO $3.19, but rang up BOGO $3.99. She brought out an ad and showed me sale price in it. I said there was some salads back there for $3.99, but the signs on THESE were $3.19.  So she sent the bagger back there to check, and sure enough he come back and said yep, they all had had signs saying they were $3.19.  Mariah didn't like that, and still wanted to argue that the sale price, in the ad, was $3.99.  So then another lady went back to look at the prices on the salads.  She came back and was prepared to give me .80 off per bag. I asked what about the policy when an item rings up wrong, I get it free?  Mariah said, well, that's only on regular priced items, isn't it?  The other lady knew it was not, and took off the price of one bag of the salad and .80 off the other.

So then Mariah hands me back my BOGO egg coupon and says I can't use it because the eggs were already free with the other coupons. I said those were store coupons, this is a Manufacturer coupon, that Publix will reimbursed for, we are allowed to use them together.  Any other time a cashier wouldn't argue and just put it through - since, yes, they will get reimbursed for it - but not Miss I'm Right and You're Wrong. She turned and asked the other cashier, I couldn't hear what he said, but Mariah still said she couldn't take the coupon.

Then she reduced the overage on my chocolate milk coupon.

I went to the Service Desk after checking out to question the egg coupons, and the other lady came running up there with my Publix Cheese/Eggs coupons....I had already told them I'd used Publix coupons that made my eggs free, however, would not the Manufacturer coupon not work like overage.
They said no, the eggs were already free, they couldn't give me anymore.

I didn't say, well, that makes perfect sense....since alot of stuff is free at some point, and yet you still give me the rest of the coupon value, ie. Overage.

Whatever. It worked out for me in the end with the free salad, and I still have my egg coupon to use at another Publix.

Value of items before coupons: $50.12
Total Spent: -.35 + 1.66 tax = $1.31

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