Saturday, December 5, 2009


Free Batteries and Cheap Paper

The 100% Rewards Back on the Batteries continues this week.

If you use the .75 Duracell coupon from the 11/22 SS, you come out .75 to the good after Rewards.

Also on sale this week is Hammermill CopyPlus copy paper, 500-sheet Ream.
You pay $4.99, and get $3.99 Easy Rebate, making the paper cost $1.00 after Rebate.

Combined with your .75 profit on the batteries, your paper actually works out to cost only .25 after Rewards and Rebate.

There's a limit of 2 on both, so you can get 2 packs of batteries and 2 packs of paper, for about .50 plus tax.

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