Monday, December 21, 2009

Mall Shopping Part 2

Went back to try Mall Shopping with Coupons again, this time at a more local mall. Still had my Victoria Secret Coupons I wanted to use, and a new Body & Bath Works Free Lip Item coupon, and was able to print (4) more Hallmark coupons.

There's only one Hallmark at the Mall, but there's another one in a shop center on the way, so we stopped in there first.  At it, we found Christmas gift bags for $.99, tissue paper $1.49, and a box of Peppermint Bark candy for $3.00.
Total $5.48 - $5.00 coupon = $0.48 + .04 tax = $0.52 oop each

At the other Hallmark we found little personalized candy cane Christmas ornaments for $3.99. My oldest son's girlfriend says she hardly ever finds her name on mass produced personalized items like this, so I was glad to find one with her name on it. So then Ryan bought his brother's name on one so they'd have a set. They also had tiny litttle gift bags, printed with the Legend of the Candy Cane on them, for $1.99.
Total $5.98 - $5.00 coupon = $0.98 + .42 tax = $1.40 oop each

At Bath & Body Works, I bought a Hand Sanitizer for $1.50, and got the $7.00 Liplicious Frozen Daquiri flavor Tasty Lip Color for Free. Total $1.61 oop

Then, Victoria's Secret. I looked around for the suckers, for anything cheap to be able to buy to use my $5 Tee and Free Tank coupons with. I couldn't find anything, and almost left again, and then, at the last minute, happened to look up and see the cardboard Christmas Tree display with the Lollipops sitting on top of the Cheeksters display cart thing. Then I was back in bidness.

I asked one of the Ladies which Pink Nation Tee the coupon meant, and she said she guessed any of the T's in the Pink section, which it wasn't. They had a special T in the back they had to get for me.  I also thought it was going to cost me $5 with purchase, but turned out it was free w/ purchase. Even better!
Total $29.50 + 1.50 = $31.00 - 29.50 coupon = $1.50 + .11 tax = $1.61 oop

The other coupon was for the Free Solid Tank with purchase.
Total $16.50 + 1.50 = $18.00 - 16.50 coupon = $1.50 + .11 tax = $1.61 oop

I also had a $10.00 off Certificate, but they said because it says "One Certificate Per Transaction and Per Day" that I couldn't also use it, and the other two coupons, even doing separate transactions...and even though it was a Certificate, and Not a coupon. They were going to let my son use it, though...even though it has my name printed on it, and I have no idea how it would be known that he used the Certificate and not me...but Whatever!
(Ryan had gone to Sears, and I doubt I would've been able to get him to come in that store anyway.) 
Oh well, that one is good until February. Maybe I'll find a good deal to use it on later.

Not at the Mall, but stopped by Staples to buy another pack of Free-After-Rewards batteries. I had a 10% Off Highest Item Price coupon which took off $1.30 = $11.69. I also had some Rewards left I needed to spend before 12/31 which took off $9.31 = $2.38 + .17 tax = $2.55 oop.
Will get back $12.99 Rewards
All in all I'd say it was a good shopping evening.
Except I forgot my Walgreens envelope, and I had planned to spend some more RRs on some more Stocking Stuffers.

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