Saturday, December 12, 2009


Made 2 different trips to Target today; once going, once coming.

Both times I got:
$.97 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
-.97 Swiss Miss Target IP
= Free

$1.89 Mott's Apple Juice
-1.00 Mott's Apple Juice Target IP
= .89

$.47 Contadina Tomato Sauce x 3
-.75/3 Contadina MQ IP
= .66 or .22 each

$1.24 Purina Cat Party Mix x 2
-1.00/2 Target IP
-2.00/2 MQ
= -.52 overage

In my first transaction I tried getting the Kodak Single-Use Camera with the $5.00 Target coupon.  The guy tried a couple of times, but said, "Unfortunately, this coupon is for 'actual' cameras. It won't let me take it."
I told him to just take it off and I didn't get it.

But as I've learned in my time of coupon shopping, just because it won't work one time, don't mean it won't the next.

In the first transaction, I had assumed the coupon would self-adjust itself down to the $3.85 price of the camera and work without beep. Since it didn't, I knew IF the next cashier allowed it, there was a good chance it would go through as $5.00 instead of $3.84. So I grabbed a pack of gum.
And sure enough, that's exactly what happened. It beeped, he pressed the key to take it anyway, and it took it.

My balance on the first order was $1.03, but the difference between the $5.00 coupon and the $3.84 camera price is $1.16, so I think what happened with the first order was that it tried to go into the negative, and wouldn't allow it.

Final Total Both Transactions: $2.18 paid from Gift Card

(I forgot to print my batteries coupons to get free batteries, boohoo)

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