Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I had $20 worth of RR's expiring I knew I needed to get rid of because I'd be busy with the holiday and going out of town. But after shopping (3) CVS's, and having to switch to Wags Mode, I guess I really switched into Wags Mode! I not only didn't spend a single RR, but came out with $8 more RRs than I had went in with!

The Theraflu was 2/$10, and I used (2) $2.00 coupons, (1) $2.00 Wags q from the Healthy Savings book and (1) $2.00 Wags q from the Diabetes and You book (I think those are right amounts/booklets...not looking at my information right now)....anyway, got $2.00 overage on the Theraflu.

Then pretty much the same on the Comtrex. It was $5.99 per box, I had $2.00 mqs, and $2.00 Wags q's from two different booklets....When you use a Wags q, you only need one, but it takes off the amount on each item you have. So since I bought two boxes of Comtrex, one of the coupons took off $3.00 two times, and the other $2.00 two times. I got $2.02 overage on the Comtrex.

The rest of the items I bought were to use up the overage, bringing my oop down to .56 plus tax each time.
I got $3 RR for the Theraflus, and $2.00 RR for the Stress Therapy Bath Oil.

It was just dumb luck that I got a 2nd chance at spending my RRs, because I decided at the last minute to take a different route home, that ended up taking me by a Walgreens. I had been thinking I would come out below, way down the road, from the Wags.
This whole shop turned out to be good luck.

I had just left CVS, and wished I had bought something to drink but didn't want to go back in, so at Wags about the first thing I did was head to the fridge for a Refreshing Cola.
Then I found the Digital Picture keychains on clearance for $5.19, marked down from $29.99 - but the price marked on the package says $49.99, so that make it look like I spent alot of money, lol.
I had also been lamenting that I had neglected to buy my baby cousin a gift at one of the many CVSs I had visited that day, so I was glad to find the foam letters puzzle mat.
The bows, ribbon, and Cakesters were fillers.

I figured my total at $24.16, gave her my Wags q for the bows/ribbon, and then $24.00 worth of $2 and $3 RRs. Everything scanned and my final oop total was......16 cents!

Because I'm so slow-witted, at the time all I thought was, Wow, I figured it right.  I was on down the road before I thought....wait, what?
Yes, there is no tax on my receipt. Not a penny. It doesn't even mention tax, not even tax 0.00.  Weird!

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