Wednesday, December 9, 2009


They were plenty stocked with Benevia....way it goes. If it was something I wanted/needed to buy this week, they would've ran out the first day.  It's the last day of the sale, I had 10 coupons in my folder, so I went for broke. No problem.

I also used a $5/$50 Target card I got on a mailer last week.

After all the overage and what I bought, my balance was -2.93.
What I didn't figure on was over $6.00 tax. Ouch!

Oh well, $3.10 for everything I got, can't complain - especially since I racked up over $20.00 overage on my gift card(s) earlier this week.

Total Value before Coupons $121.32
Total Spent -$2.93 +  6.03 tax = $3.10 oop

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