Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Sorry, no Pictures....I left most of what I bought at Mom's.

Went for the newspapers first.  I had been waiting and buying them on Sunday at Walgreens or Publix with RRs or Overage, but I needed to see about the Triaminic coupons today, so I went ahead and got them with cashola.  $10.00 for 10 papers.  If my deal works out right; buying the Triaminic so I can get Diapers free, and selling the diapers for $5.00 each...I will make my $10.00 back, plus another $15.00 profit.
And that's not even counting all the other savings/profit from all the other coupons in this weeks paper. Looks like there's some good ones.

I went into Target hoping for some more Free Toddler wipes since the coupons expired today. Of course they were out.  Also no Ipod Touches.  I got 5 Glade candles, free after gift card, but actually better than free since I'm using gift cards earned from previous deals to pay for them.  No way I can figure out that math.

Then I went in Walgreens. They didn't have any of the Natrol Acai, darn it. That would have been some nice $3.00 overage.  I did get more Complete, some Dentek picks and floss, some Scunci elastics. Fillers were Christmas pencils and a box of Chocolate Covered Cherries.  Made $2.06 profit

Lastly I went into the Publix by my Mom's. Never been in it before, but now that I'm in that area more since my Mom moved there, thought I better check it out.
It was busy, but pretty cool - they fed me lunch!  They were having some sort of Festive or Festival or something...anyway, each department had a table set up with samples.

I got dessert first at the bakery...way every meal should start out...some kind of strawberry cake and chocolate-caramel cake. Yum!  From the Deli I got a chip with some Hummus on it. First time I ever had Hummus. Still don't know what it is. It was pretty good....I was really hungry, though.
The Produce department had mini-carrots and dip. Ew. I was hoping for some fruit.
Next a lady gave me a cup of Eggnog.  It was okay, a bit thick, or rich. The seafood dept had some kind of seafood dip on crackers, and I guess it was the Wine department? was having non-Alcoholic Sparkling juice tasting.

My goal was to find out the store's coupon policy, and to - hopefully - be able to get Benevia rainchecks. The CS Manager didn't seem sure - said it changed so much - but he believed at this time they were only taking Kroger and Publix coupons. They do allow overage on coupons, though, which is the main thing.

They had plenty of Benevia, so I went ahead and bought five, and 4 bottles of vitamins. 

Total before coupons $51.91
Total after coupons -4.09 + 3.11 tax = + .98 overage

Some of my overage went towards the Vitamins I bought for my Dad and Aunt. And the rest on tax. Ouch!

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Earthy Mama said...

Hummus us puree'd chickpeas, tahini, and spices. :) super duper yum. The best hummus (imho) is Sabra with the pine nuts. yyyuuuummmm.