Thursday, December 24, 2009


Free Swiss Miss, free batteries, free camera, free w/overage cat treats.  Cashier kept looking at the camera coupon, and looked, and I said it doesn't specify any certain type of camera - only a Kodak camera. Her problem was that the camera only cost $3.84. She said she couldn't take a coupon for more than item cost. I said yes, she should put the coupon in for $3.84. She insisted no, she couldn't do that. Rather than keep arguing, because I had alot more places still to go, I said, just take the camera off then.

She went on scanning other coupons, the $2.00 cat treat coupon beeped, so she was scrolling back, looking for the price on them, and said she'd take off the camera while she was up there.  I mentioned that the Target in Hiram takes the coupon. So she asked the cashier in the next lane, who told her yes they could adjust the coupon to the price of the item.
So then she was all sorry she had told me wrong, and entered the coupon for $3.84, and when the cat treats coupon beeped, she just hit the button to push it on through. I'm not positive but I think it beeped because she scanned the Target coupon first and it took the price of the treats down to .82 each, intead of the $1.24 they were originally.

The Tinkerbell DVD + Blu-Ray Combos I got for $4.99 each with $10.00 mq and $5 Target q.
I got really, really lucky to have gotten them.  The shelf was empty and I figured it was another deal I had missed out on. Then there was a man asking an employee to check in the back if they had a DVD he was looking for, so just for the heck of it I asked her to check for the Tinkerbell one.  Figuring no way they'd have any.
To my great surprise, she came back and told the guy they didn't have any of the one he was looking for, but did have mine, and she'd have to go in the back and get them. Yayyy!

Total cost for everything was $12.something including tax, which I paid with Target Gift Cards earned from past deals. So, $0 oop.

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