Sunday, December 6, 2009


Stopped in at Walgreens to grab some of the Triaminic. Had enough coupons for (5) deals, but this Wags has given me problems in the past, deciding to put a limit on stuff after they see me getting several deals, so I went for (3) today.

First off, only the pink box, Day Time Cough & Cold, rang up $5.00 a box, even though the sales ad writing doesn't specify only it (even though it is pictured in the ad), but back on the shelf all the spaces had tags reading 2/$10.00. 
So they price modified it for me, but had I not been paying attention, I'd have paid $6.99 each for the things.

I didn't think it would matter with the coupons, the Wags coupons aren't supposed to count towards item/coupon count, but she insisted on scanning my Wags coupon first, then my MQs. All the MQs beeped. But since they say for any Triaminic Thin Strips, she pushed them through manually.

So my deals worked out...but not without aggrivation.

Paid .70 tax on each....Got a $5.00 RR on each =  $12.90 Profit

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