Wednesday, December 23, 2009


In one of those rare, perfect alignment of the stars kind of events, CVS had a $19.99 sale on coffeemakers, rotating waffle makers, and crock pots, and at the same time there was a printable coupon for $10.00 off one of these applicances, and another $5/$20 printable coupon.  If you're able to use both coupons together, it made the appliances $4.99 each!

I ended up with (3) coffee makers, (3) waffle makers, and (2) crock pots.

The rest of the items I bought either to bring the total up to the amount of ECB I had to spend, or just to burn an ECB.

Haven't figured out my totals...been too busy with Christmas stuff...but I burned all the ECBs I had wanted to except for $3.59....and, at the first CVS, the total was something like .49 or .62 or some cents like that - I used my debit card and got $20.00 cash back.  After all my shopping all day, I came home with $5.00 cash.

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