Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CVS Plan for Next Week

This week only there is a $5/$20 IP coupon for CVS. But by the time it came out I had pretty missed all the free-after-ECB deals, and couldn't put together any other good deals to use it on.

But then looking ahead to next week, there are some deals. None of which appear to be 3-day sales, and therefore should start early at my CVS, which closes up at 9pm. (Sale starts at midnight at 24 hour CVSs)

So if I can get my act together and my hiney up there Saturday evening, I should be able to score next weeks deals, using this weeks' good coupon.

But if I can't, it looks like there might be enough to put together a $30 purchase and be able to use the $5/$30 IP coupon anyway.

Alteril Sleep Aid 4 ct $1.99 get $1.99 eb limit 1

Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health toothpaste, rinse, floss or SuperFloss $2.88 get $2 eb limit 1
-$1 ($.75 in some areas) Crest Toothpaste, 4.1 oz + or liquid gel P & G 11/29/09
-$1 Crest Premium Toothpaste: Crest Multicare, Extra Whitening, Whitening Expressions, Whitening Plus Scope, Vivid White, Sensitivity, Pro-Health Or Weekly Clean, Any 4 Oz. + - 12-06-09 RP
(Makes it  .13 or .12 profit after EBCs)

Nivea Body Wash 16.9 oz $5.99 get $5 eb limit 1
-$2 NIVEA Body Wash for Women (16.9 oz/500 ml)
-$1 Nivea Body Product, net wt 2.7oz-16.9fl oz RP 11/1/09
-$1 Nivea Body Wash for Women, 16.9 Fl oz RP 12/6/09
-$1 Nivea Body Wash for Women, 16.9 fl. oz-500ml RP 11/1/09 or RP 10/11/09
($1.00 off makes it free-after-ECB; $2.00 off makes it $1.00 MM-after-ECB)

Revlon Super Lustrous or Moon Drops Lipstick $6.99 get $5 eb limit 3
-$2 Revlon Color Cosmetic (exp 12-20-09) SS 11/15/09
(Makes it free-after-ECB)

ThermaCare Neck to Arm wrap 1 ct $2.49 get $2.49 eb limit 5
-$1 Thermacare IP
(Makes it $1.00 MM-after-ECB)

Glade get $4 EB wyb $12:
Sense & Spray or Lasting Impressions $6
Essentials oils candle 4 oz, scented oil candle refills or holder, Sense & Spray refill, fresh refills 3 pk, or scented oil refill 2/$6 limit 1

-$4 Glade Sense & Spray
(Buy 2, Use 2 coupons, makes it free-after-ECB)

Listerine Antiseptic 500 ml or PocketPaks 72 ct $3.99 get $3 eb limit 1
-$.50 Efferdent, 78ct+ or Listerine Pocketpaks, 24 ct + or any Listerine Pocketmist or any Plax Rinse SS 8/2/09
-$.50 Efferdent, 78ct+, Listerine Pocket Paks, 24ct+, or Plax Rinse V 4/26/09
-$.50 Listerine Antiseptic ,500ml V 4/26/09
-$1 Listerine Antiseptic 500ml+, Listerine Agent Cool Blue, Listerine Whitening Rinse, 16 fl oz + RP 12/6/09
-$.50 Listerine Antiseptic Or Advanced Antiseptic 500 ml+ V 10/4/09
-$.50 Listerine Antiseptic, 500 ml+ OR Plax rinse OR Efferdent 78 ct+ OR Listerine Pocketpaks, 24 ct+, etc SS 6/14/09
($1.00 off makes it free-after-ECB)

First thing I want to go for are my MoneyMakers, which are the Thermacare and Nivea. The Thermacare is Limit 5 - yay!

$12.45 Thermacare @ $2.49 x 5
$ 5.99 Nivea Body Wash
$ 1.99 Alteril Sleep Aid (ha, this something I sure don't need! lol)
= $20.43
-5.00/20.00 CVS IP q
-5.00 (5) $1.00 Thermare IP q's
-2.00 Nivea IP q
= $8.43 + tax (about $1.43 here)

Get back ECBs: $12.45 Thermacare, $5.00 Nivea, $1.00 Alteril = $19.44

Final total about $9.58 Profit after tax

Then do this one:
$20.97 Revlon Lipstick x 3
$12.00 Glade Sense & Spray x 2
$ 3.99 Listerine
= $36.96
-5.00/30.00 CVS IP q
-8.00 Glade S&S x 2
-1.00 Listerine
-6.00 Revlon x 3
= $16.96 + tax (about $2.59 for me)

Get back $4.00 Glade, 3.00 Listerine, $15.00 Revlon = 22.00

Final Total $2.45 Profit after tax

*Yes, I could do the (3) Revlon lipsticks separate and used another $5/$20 coupon, but then I would only have Glade and Listerine left, and they don't add up to $20.00. So I'd have to spend $4.01 to bring my total up to $20.00.  After coupons, my total would be $6.00 + tax, but I'd only get $5.00 ECBs back, so I end up losing $1.00 + tax on the deal.

*I didn't get any of the Crest coupons....if I had, then I could have broken the plan into (3) transactions. The Glade, Listerine and Crest, plus a $1.13 filler to bring the total to $20.00. After coupons my total would be $5.00, and then get $7.00 ECBs back. After tax it would only be like a .60 profit.  I likely wouldn't have bothered with a 3rd transaction for so little profit, and just stuck the Crest in with #1 transaction.


Earthy Mama said...

You're making me consider going to Nashville on Saturday. And brave the weekend-before Christmas traffic...just to go to CVS. Bad Melissa!

Melissa said...

Yikes, nay way. It's not worth that, I don't think.

I bet you could shift part of the #2 transaction to #1 and use the $5/$30 on each and do about as well.
Maybe a little less profit, but you'd still have the loot, and be safer than driving an hour in Saturday evening traffic.

Weird y'all don't have at least one CVS. I think every town around here has at least. Some towns have one on about every corner.