Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Being that my kids are older, and I'm not much of a movie/tv watcher anyway, I haven't paid much attention to the Disney movies in the past few years.

A month or so ago, I guess, I had some extra ECBs I needed to burn, so I bought the movie "UP" at CVS. Brought it home and stuck it on my DVD shelf and didn't think of it until today.

Today I was thinking about our trip to Florida, and what movies we might take to watch on the way. I remembered I had this movie, and if nothing else it was something new, none of us had seen before. So I opened it up.

Papers/ads fell out in my lap, and one of them was a Magic Code thing I could put in at Disney Rewards and be able to get the "Baby Kevin" for free + s/h, and Mommy Kevin for $10.99 + s/h.

Well, that caught my attention pretty quickly, considering my youngest son's name is Kevin.

But then, considering my youngest son is 15 years old, and wouldn't be interested in dolls, pretty much lost it again.

But no, I'm really a sucker for stuff like this, and thought well, I'll see if anyone's listed them on ebay. Several, several years ago one of the boys wanted a POTC computer-mouse from a cereal promo, and I was able to find it for next to nothing on ebay.

Imagine my surprise when I see these Kevin dolls going for anywhere from $30 - $100 on ebay right now! $100.00!!

I thought, "Well, at least I'm not the biggest sucker out there", and went and ordered mine for $18.49 including s/h.

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Earthy Mama said...

awwww- Natalya would love to have a Kevin! They're so cute- and the movie is great- wait 'til you see it. I love it! ;)