Saturday, December 12, 2009

Food Lion

My Food Lion plan didn't go as planned. 

The boneless chuck roast was on sale this week for $1.79lb. They only had large size packages, 4-5+lbs. I asked the butcher to grind mine up into approx. 1lb packages, which he did, but instead of pricing them individually, he put the original price sticker on one of the packages, for all of them.
I asked him about pricing them separately, but he said no, not for that price. (Even though the sale ad doesn't specify Family or 5lb or any certain size.)

Had the plan worked out, I would have been able to do 2 transactions of approx. $10.00 each; minus $2.00 FLip, minus approx. 4.92 MVP sale; spending about $3.00 on each 2.75lb.

But instead the total was $9.88 after MVP, and $2.00 FLip, so I paid about $3.94 per 2.75lb.

Still a good price for ground chuck, though.

The Pecans rang up 4.99, instead of 2.99...I didn't catch it until I was checked out, but the CS Manager gave me a $2.06 refund.

Final total $9.58 + .61 tax = $10.19

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