Sunday, December 6, 2009


Card 1 (Mine) - Transactions #1 & 2 went...okay. I found everything I was looking for, so that was good.

My $5/$30 coupon didn't scan or work, but they never do, the cashiers always put them in anyway.
Then of course the Meter coupon beeps wanting price, or Manager approval, or something.
Some or all of my other MQs beeped, they had to press a button for it to go through, don't know what was going on there.
Then, of all things, my ECBs beeped as not being to issued the card that was scanned. They certainly were!
So they had to manually enter those, too.

Trans #1
$14.99 Bayer Meter
$8.99 Zantac
$3.99 Santa Hat
$1.99 Mini Ornaments
= $29.96
-14.99 Meter
-2.00 Zantac
= $7.97
-4.00 ECB
-3.00 ECB
-  .89 ECB

Total .08 + 1.05 tax = $1.13

Received ECBs: $5.00 Meter, $8.99 Zantac, $3.99 Santa Hat, $1.99 Mini-Ornaments = $19.97

$10.95 Profit

Trans #2
$9.99 Complete Solution
$8.97 Huggies diapers
$3.99 EmergenC Immune Drink
$3.99 Santa Hat
$1.99 Mini-Ornaments
= $28.93 (I was supposed to have gotten another $1.07 worth of something to bring my total up to $30.00, but I forgot, and they didn't mention it.)
-1.00 Complete
-2.00 Huggies
-19.97 ECBs (from Trans #1)

Total .96 + 2.03 tax = $2.99

Received ECBs: $9.99 Complete, $3.99 EmergenC, $3.99 Santa Hat, $1.99 Mini-Ornaments = $19.96

$3.00 Cost

Total for both transactions $7.95 Profit

Card 2 (Hubby's)....Ugh. Starting with the $5/$30 coupon that wouldn't scan, I got her to enter it manually. Then she started to take $30.00 off my Meter - which would have been great, had I $30.00 worth of other stuff to take up the overage, but since I didn't, that would have been a disaster. I explained to her the coupon was for "Up to" $30.00, but the meter only cost $14.99, so she needed to put in $14.99.  Wellll, she didn't think I could use a $30.00 coupon on something that only cost $14.99. The register said "Exceeded limit", or something to that effect. I said I'm pretty sure that's because the amount of the coupon is over $10.00 and it wants a Manager approval. 
She wasn't sure about all that, and asked another lady working there, who had no clue either. Well, it took it when she scanned the manager card or whatever, so they let me have it.
Then my darn ECBs beeped as not being issued to the card scanned again. I am positive I was using the right ECBs with the right cards. I keep them separated, and anyway we checked the numbers and they matched.

Transaction 2, coupons still beeping - maybe because my Huggies coupon was for 48 ct. or larger. People, you really should read your coupons before trying to use them, so you won't end up blowing all your plans and/or looking like an idiot, like me! 
I told her to just take off the diapers, and I'd have to refigure my plan...hoping she'd just take the diapers off, but leave the $5/$30 coupon on there anyway. But no, she voided the whole transaction and started over.  I figured I'd have to tell her to void it again and nevermind transaction 2 after she told me she couldn't use the $5/$30 coupon now, but no, she used the $5/$30 anyway.  She wouldn't take a $2.00 coupon on the diapers they would get reimbursed for anyway, but would take a $5/$30 off a $15.97 transaction. Okay, you're not going to hear me complaining.

Final Total for Card 2 - $16.01 Profit

Card 3 (Son's)....Gathered up my purchases for Transaction #1, but then they were out of Complete Solution, and I didn't know what was available to take the place of $9.99/$9.99 ECBs, and didn't care to stand there and try to figure it out.  Transaction 2 was always pretty optional anyway.
Transaction #1 always comes up to $29.96 before taxes. I think usually most of them look at after tax amount, but this lady said something to me about needing to spend 4 more cents. I told her they usually let me use it when I'm within a few cents under, but....So she took it. She entered it manually anyway, assuming it wouldn't work to scan it because I was under $30.00, so no issues with it not scanning.
She also didn't know what to do with the Bayer meter and I had to tell her about it wanting the $14.99 price, and/or needing an manager's approval for the amount of the coupon being over $10.00.  She said "I am a manager". Well, even better then.
AND, my ECB beeped as not issued to card.  It has got to be a CVS thing.

Total for Transaction #1: $11.13 Profit

They were having a sale on Dr. Pepper, 3/$7.00 with coupon the Cashier had at the register. Last week I paid 3/$8.00 for these.  They rang up like $5.69 each, which, even with the $1.00 off coupon the cashier was scanning wasn't the right price. So she had to price modify them, and put in $2.33 each, which actually adds up to $6.99. I gave her $6.99 in ECBs, and paid .21 tax cash.
So I got everything free, and still come out with $3.93 more than I spent (in ECBs and Cash).

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