Thursday, December 3, 2009


I had a $50.80 Rewards certificate from the 100% Rewards Backpack rebate back in July.

Currently Staples has a 100% Rewards on the 20-pack of Duracell batteries deal; You can buy up to 2 packs a week thru 12/16.

I spent the remainder on a printer ink cartridge, because I always need ink with all the coupons I print.

I used to think printer ink was too expensive to buy at any of the Office Stores, so I always bought it at Walmart, paying around $23.00 for the Red box, which I later found out is the LOTS smaller size.

The XL size box of my ink at Staples costs $29.99 for the Black, but, Staples pays back 10% Rewards on ink purchases - or, $3.00 in this case - AND $3.00 Rewards back when you redeem your empty ink cartridge.  So after Rewards, I pay $23.99 for a 500-print cartridge, as opposed to the old 175-print cartridge I used to pay the same price for.

= $55.97

- 50.80 Rewards certificate
+    .36 tax

= $5.53 oop

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