Thursday, December 24, 2009


Made a couple of Publix runs to use up some coupons, and get what money-makers I could before they expired tomorrow.

The first Publix I stopped at I used to love, but I guess they don't love me so much. This was the one that didn't let me use the BOGO egg coupon last week.
Tonight, the boy asked if I'd like to give him my coupons first, I said sure, I had no problem with that. So he proceeds to divide them up, and then scans my hot chocolates, and then starts scanning the coupons. I had $.50/2 mq's, which doubled to $1.00, and then I had $1/1 Target q's. Of course since I had more coupons than items, the register locked up and had to have an override. (And thank goodness I had him do my $25.00 gift card first, or it would have gone like $4.00 in the negative.)

Next he scanned a few more items, and their corresponding coupons, and again the register required an override. The CS Supervisor ended up having to stay there the whole time overriding several times. It took alot longer than usual, and she found nothing wrong with my coupons, so I don't know what the deal is. I know it was a pain in the patoot. And made me feel bad, like I was doing something wrong.

The next Publix I didn't have any trouble - rang up, checked out, Have a good night, Merry Christmas!

Haven't figured up my totals yet, but I'm pretty sure I added some overage to my gift cards.

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