Saturday, July 3, 2010


I had ECBs coming up for expiration so I needed to roll them this week. I spent all week thinking about putting together some pictures for the DVD, but everytime I went to try I got aggrivated and gave up.

There were other deals, like the Scrubbing Bubbles and Schick. But I knew, at this late date, chances of me finding the stuff in stock for both deals were slim and none. So I had to do the movie DVD, and hope I could find at least one of the other deals.
I was going to make a DVD of our last trip, last week to the Beach, but again, didn't have the patience to pick and sort through pictures.  I happened to have a folder in my picture files I had put together some time back of all the pictures I have of my middle son and my neice together. So I copied those on a disk and went with that.

At the first CVS I went to, I was lucky to find the stuff in stock for both the Scrubbing Bubbles and Schick deals. So I did the Scrubbing Bubbles deal first, then the Schick/Movie next.
I was able to use a $5/$25 on the Schick/Movie deal, and then, I got the movie for $6.99 because it already picked up next week's sale. The SS said "Just issue the ECB and she be glad to get it for $6.99." She was right, I was glad!

The next CVS had NO Schick and NO Scrubbing Bubbles. I got rainchecks, though. I did the movie, but still have ECBs I have to get rolled over tomorrow or Monday.  I was hoping to get my papers today and get the new P&G coupons so I could go to the CVS up here and do next week's deals tonight. But that didn't work out.

My son and my neice are three months apart in age, they will both be 20 this year, and look more like brother and sister than first cousins.

Here they are as tots, I believe it was their 2nd Easter (or 3rd?):

And here they were 18, taken on our cruise year before last:


Cheap&Sweet said...

haha they do look like brother and sister, I think they look 3. its been four yeas since my youngest was 3 but my friend sun is almost three and they look a little older than him.

Melissa said...

I was thinking they looked 3, too. They were born after Easter of 1990, so I belive this would have been their 3rd Easter, and they would be turning 4 later in the year.