Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Is it the new thing, my messing up/or getting messed up every first shop of the day? My new habit? I hope not, because I don't much like messing up. Even though sometimes, like today, I come out ahead. I'd really rather come out on target and everything just go right.

My first shop of today was Publix.

The Sandwich Shop mayo was BOGO. I must have just missed it by mere hours the other day.
$1.00/$0.99 - $1.00 MQ - $1.00 PQ = $1.00/$1.01 overage each

Tornadoes 2/$4.00 - $2.00 BOGO Facebook MQ - $1.00 MQ = $1.00/2, or $0.50 each.

Smart Milk BOGO $3.59 with raincheck - $2.50 MQ x 2 = +$1.41 overage/2

The Better'n Eggs that were 2/$4 last week, were marked 2/$5 today, so no more overage. I still got some because we use/like them so I don't mind paying $0.25 for them, especially when I got other overage to pay for them with.
($5.00 - $2.50 BOGO PQ - $1.00 PQ Smart Savings Bk - $1.00/2 MQ = $0.50/2, or $0.25 each)

Well, mine rang up $2.79 at the register.
Thing was, I ran into having more coupons than items so the CS lady had to come override it, and while she was there she entered the rest of my coupons, one of which was the BOGO coupon, and she entered $2.50 for it.

So I paid and got my receipt and headed for the CS desk and told her they were supposed to be 2/$5 (which she knew because she'd just took off $2.50 for one of them) but they had rang up $2.79. She said okay, and went to the register, and came back with $0.60. I asked, y'all don't have the thing anymore where you get it free if it rings up wrong?
Yes, so she went and came back with $2.58.
So, I think I ended up getting a couple dollars overage on those. Both free, plus the two $1.00 off coupons.

MY mistake was forgetting that I can use a $5/$20 coupon at that Publix. How could I forget such a thing?? I didn't even realize it until she had already rung everything up and was starting on the coupons.
I'd figured my balance at $1.75 - before the Better'n Eggs difference and before tax - my final total came up to $3.something, so I wasn't going to try to stick it in at that point. Though I was feeling ill because it's been hard for me to even get up to $20 transactions at Publix lately, and I completely wasted that one, and I could have gotten some ground beef we've been out of for over a week with that extra money.

Anyway, while I was at the CS desk dealing with the Better'n Eggs, I said that I had forgotten to use that coupon, and asked if there was anything I could do at that point. Not really expecting to be able to, but she gave me $5.15 in cash. So that was nice.

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