Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rite Aid

I read in a message board post that the Crest ProHealth was working for the +UP, so I stopped in Rite Aid to finish the last couple of plans I had made for Sunday before giving up when the +UP didn't work.

Sure enough, the ProHealth did work. But then the Pantene didn't. I got hairsprays this time, for my mom and aunt. Started out I got a Classic and a Fine hair spray. The picture on the ad shows Thick hair spray was included, so why not Fine, right? Don't know, but it wasn't. We figured it out because it didn't ring up the $3.50 sale price.

So I did a return/exchange and got a Thick hair spray, and got the +UP reward then.

I asked the Manager had he called about my Crest reward from Sunday (he had not and went to do that). He came back and said they told him that the Scope one wasn't included in the program, only the Pro-Health was.
Since it's pictured right on the ad, I asked, is that not like, false advertising?
He said he thought they would put up a Disclaimer. I said is that not already three days late?

He just shrugged, like, oh well, you're just SOL, and went about his way.

I didn't make a stink because this is my fave Rite Aid and I don't want to piss them off. Somtime later in the week I'll just take the Crest w/ Scope back and do a return/exchange for a Pro-Health and get the reward. No biggie.

But, sucky thing for Rite Aid to do, putting wrong items in the ad, and not letting anyone know before Tuesday. Maybe not even then if I hadn't gotten the Manager to call.

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