Thursday, July 1, 2010

Food Lion - Chicken

Saw this deal posted, but I don't know if it's a great one yet or not.

This week FL has Holly Farms chicken for $1.77lb. or Tenders for $1.97lb.

Here is a $1.00 off Holly Farms FLip:

If this is actually sold by the 1 or 2 pound package, it'll make a good deal. But if it's a "Family Pack" deal like the 'cheap' ground beef is sometimes, then not so great.


Cheap&Sweet said...

post or let me know, im hopping for 1 pounders!

Melissa said...

Me, too! I will let you know.

Cheap&Sweet said...

just got back from FL and the chicken came in $2.50- $3 so $1.50 or so, not bad but not free. Oh and I grabbed a capri sun that was $3.99 watch out for them so I Had to return that one. I forgot my smuckers coupons and grabed 4 coolwhip and a bogo firecracker popcile that was .50¢ for all 5. Thanks for the heads up!

Melissa said...

Yeah that's what I found them at, too. I got a $2.50 pack at one store, and $2.48 at the other, so $1.50 and $1.48. That was an okie-dokie price for me because my hubby makes Zaxby's Boneless Wings for me out of these. This size package will make enough for dinner for all of us, and then leftovers for me to eat the next several days. Whereas if I go to Zaxby's I get 5 wings for $5.00.

Ohh, didn't know there was $3.99 Capri Suns, I'll watch out for those.

Good deal on the Cool Whip and Popsicles!