Friday, July 2, 2010


Dropped in a couple of Wags while I was in the area. Yesterday there had been about 50 Reach toothbrushes stuck in a bin beside the font checkout - today there was 6 hanging on the peg in the Dental dept. Blah.

They had got some Dentyne in, too, so I got four of the Reach and six Dentyne for overage, and bought a Proglide razor. Paid with $3.00 RR and .66 + tax cash.
Got back $4.00 RR Reach, and $5.00 Proglide.

Then I used the $4.00 RR to buy the Celcius and Crest and more gum and a Refreshing Cola for a filler (needed to spent .77 cents - I had enough items/coupon ratio with all the gum).
Received $3.00 Celcius RR and $3.00 Crest RR.

Pretty much the same story at the next Walgreens; only 6 Reach on the peg.
They did have several of the Flexitol Blistop, so I flipped a couple of those with a couple of razors. It cost me a little, but the cashier said she got credit for me buying the razors there in the cometics dept.

I got all the jello because I needed a cheap filler, but I didn't want to spend any more than I already was spending. The $1.00/5 coupon beeps everytime - don't know why - but has to be put in manually everytime, so that got me a free filler.

Finished off the dog food coupons.


Earthy Mama said...

Does the dog food coupon beep b/c of the penny over?

Melissa said...

At some of the Wags they did, at one store they didn't. I got to where I just didn't say anything unless it beeped, then I'd be like, oh, I forgot, those need to be entered for $1.99.
Except one time I told a girl that and she just entered $2.00 manually anyway. I nearly fainted, lol. Thought I was in a CVS or Rite Aid, but not a Wags!