Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was headed to Wags this morning with every intention of burning every RR in my envelope (which had expired yesterday, btw). In the end, I couldn't do it. Even if I lost some of them, it's better than having to spend cash again next time.

As you probably know there wasn't very many deals to be had this week.
The Reach, IF in stock. I was lucky today and they had a peg-full.
I was planning to roll on Celcius, too, thinking it was a monthly deal at $4.99, with a $3.00 RR, and I have a $2.00IP, which would make them FARR.
But they weren't marked as being on sale or RR deal, and were priced $7.99, so I just didn't mess with trying to carry one for price checking. I know, Lazy-Maizy.

Otherwise the next quick, easy roll looked to be the Rolaids @ $4.99; get $5.00 RR wyb (2). I used the $4/2 6/06 RP, so they generally cost $0.98 after RR.

Except, I bought (4) Reach Crystel Clean @ $1.59 each, and had $1.00 any Reach Tearpad q's, so they cost $2.36 after q's, and netted me +$1.64 after RR.
So that covered the Rolaids, and probably most of the fillers.

I screwed up my last transaction. Still irritated by that.
I had a $4.00 RR to spend.
I got
$2.99 Scunci x 2
$6.99 Dr. Scholl's Hidden Arch Support
$1.59 Salonpas H/M Patch x 4
$0.50 Mini Oreos
$0.50 Mini ChipAhoys
$0.79 Refreshing Cola

I used
(4) $1.00 Salonpas IPq's, making all those free (+.01 overage each)
$2.00 Dr. Scholl's IPq
$5.00 Dr. School's IVC July book, making the insert free (+.01 overage)

Then she tried to scan my Scunci and Wags Soda in-ad q's and they BEEPED! Because my total was down to $1.77 at that point. Whaaa?

I shrugged and paid, went to put my bags in the buggy, and there sat the loafa bread I had forgotten to get out and put on the counter!!!!
The freakin' bread was the only thing I really needed out of all that stuff.

They were busy so I didn't bother trying to get a Re-Do, although I regretted it from the minute I got in my car and drove off.

$30.00 RR to start
$ 6.39 spent from Visa prepaid card (earned at Rite Aid)
$27.00 RR to finish

Not too bad!

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