Friday, July 23, 2010


Read yesterday where someone posted about they go to Walmart to spend their high value coupons. I have pretty much got in the habit where, if it doesn't make me money, or is at least free, then I don't want it.  Even free costs tax.

But then I got to thinking, I hate throwing away good, high value coupons, too. So maybe I ought to consider loosening up some and spending a few cents to be able to use up the coupons.

I still had my $2.00 Pampers wipes coupons that I didn't in any other sales; I knew they were $1.97 at Walmart, so first off I wanted to get some of those.

I also found the $4.00 Biotrue coupons in the Optical dept. The Biotrue is $4.00, so I got those free. Would have got more but the Optical dept lady saw me at the counter and asked if she could help me, I said I was just getting a couple of the coupons and she walked around and put her eagle eye on me.

Otherwise, I had also taken along the $2.00 Schick razors. I've seen many, many times people say they get the 10+2  package for $1.97, but I've never found them at any of the Walmarts I've shopped. The cheapest I ever find is the 12 packs for $5.something.

Also took $2.00 off Heinz 57 w/ Lea & Perrins, and $2.00 Lea&Perrins Thick and Classic. The H57 was $3.69, so not that cheap after coupon. Forgot L&P price, but not cheap, either.

Also took a .75 off Edwards pie slices. I figured if they were $1.25 or so, maybe they'd be worth .50....however they were $2.25 - A SLICE! Are they bonkers?

Anyway, the above stuff was free + .12 overage (I got pool chemicals that ate up the overage).


Earthy Mama said...

Oh, my store has the schick for $1.97, but it beeps and my store won't accept it. I hate walmart. Although I did get all the free wipes. (they couldn't really deny those) and went today for the biotrue q's. ;)

Melissa said...

Why wouldn't they take the Schick if they took the Pampers? Seems like it'd be the same scenario? Weren't the wipes $1.97?