Sunday, July 4, 2010

Food Lion

Pretty much the same Food Lion deals today.

At the first store I was going to change it up a bit and instead of Cool Whip, I wanted one of the things of the Cream Puffs. It cost $2.99 after the $5.00 off Promo, and then I have a $3.00/$25.00 cat, so it would be free for me.

But then I thought, wait, I still have to go by Rite Aid and another Food Lion - and I forgot my cooler this morning - so I decided to wait to get them at the next store.

So I got my usual: Capri Sun, Chicken, 4 Smuckers, 1 Cool Whip, 4 Kraft Mayo, and 1 Sandwich Mayo.

I don't know what happened, but my total came up -1.18. The cashier was like, what is that? (Apparently she'd never seen a negative total before.)
The Manager heard the register beeping and came over to see what was going on. I said I was supposed to owe .60, I don't know what happened. She said maybe something was on sale I hadn't figured on. So I got a couple of the "Push" candys, and it was still -.18, but she said that was okay, she could go .18. So they gave me .18 cents.

I see on my receipt above where it says $5 OFF twice for the Kraft and Sweet Deal promos, there's a $2 OFF. It looks like some sort of Promo, it's not a coupon, so I have no idea what it is, or...

OHHHHH, crap. Now I remember! Yesterday I got a Food Lion text for a $2 off $15 purchase if I texted JULYFOUR back to them. Duhhh!
Wish I had remembered that - I'd have used it on something besides candy!

Then I get over to the other Food Lion, and they are all out of the Sandwich Shop Mayos *again*. I think someone must be going in there and buying 5 at a time and using 5 Publix coupons to get them free. I never tried using more than one Publix coupon at a time there. Maybe I will after I run out of the Kraft Mayo coupons.

Anyway, without the Mayo, I wasn't close to the $25 threshold I needed to be able to use my $3/$25 cat, so, no Cream Puffs :-(

My total would have been .99 plus tax, but the kids cajoled me into buying more of the "Push" candys. The girl was only 4 away from 100, so she could win a prize.
It was funny, one of those boys had a wrote a note and stuck on the basket saying "I kick babies. Don't buy candy from me", and was saying that the girl wrote it, and I shouldn't buy candy from her. But then she said she only needed 4, so I said okay I'd buy two. The boy was like, what, she kicks babies and you're going to buy candy from her?? I said oh well I don't really like kids much anyway. ^5 LOL

But I paid as much for two things of candy as I did all the rest of my stuff. Ugh, kills me!

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