Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Food Lion

Fun day at Food Lion!
As I was walking into the first store, I found a Lucky Penny, and it sure was. (If you don't know what a Lucky Penny is, it's a Penny laying on the gorund with Abe's face UP. If you see a Penny on the ground with the backside up, leave it.)

At this store I did a deal Brandy posted a few days ago but I was too lazy to print out the coupons until last night (because I had to use the hubby's laptop and I'm not used to it).
Anyhow I got (3) Oscar Meyer deli shaved sandwich meat and (2) Kraft Sandwich Mayo. I used (3) $1.00 OM IP q's and (2) $1.00 Publix q's from the yellow flyer.
Subtotal $1.50

Then I got a package of chicken, Capri Sun, Cool Whip, and (4) Smuckers.
In addition to the $2.00 Capri Sun FLip, I had a $1.00 MQ from the coupon booklet found of the Maxwell House coffee cansiters a few months ago, so I used that too, to get $0.93 overage.
And then the usual $0.67 overage for buying the Sweet Deal.

As usual, I had went and ahead and wrote $1.67 on my Smuckers BOGO q's. But the girl didn't want to take my word for it and looked up the price herself, and took $2.19 off; regular price. I told her it was really $1.67, but she told me BOGO coupons were "supposed" to use the regular price. Okay, then. I wasn't about to argue with that, lol.

Final total was $0.57 including tax, and then I got a $2.00 OYNO cat for the Oscar Meyer. Yay!

At the next store, I got chicken, Capri Sun, Cool Whip/Smuckers.
Believe it or not, this lady did the same thing! I had written $1.67 on the coupon, but he looked at the receipt and saw it said $2.19 (I give my card last so the regular price shows first, and then the discounts take off later). She marked out my $1.67 and wrote $2.19 on them.

Final Total $0.02 including tax.

It was funny because she hit the button and the total came up, and she looked at it, and hit the button again, and again, her expression was like "WTF?". I laughed and said "Two cents!" so then she got it, and she laughed, too and said she was impressed, and couldn't wait to tell her friend, who was a couponer, too. She had never seen it go that low before.


Earthy Mama said...

lol- I had the same thing happen! I wrote $1.67 on there and the kid pulled the receipt up and said, no, it's regularly $2.49, and we're supposed to give you the regular price. Ok then! So then, guess what? Yep, they owed me money, so he had the girl come over and put her key/code in and out popped the drawer, $.50 in my pocket.

But my $2 cat didn't print. :( I need to call them and find out the deal.

Melissa said...

LOL, we must have slipped into the same parallel universe, because you know that didn't really happen in this one!

Bah, cats are like playing the lotto, or a Vegas slot machine. Most of the time I won't bother gambling on getting one.