Saturday, July 31, 2010


My main reason for going Krogering today was because I had a stack of $0.50 Crest coupons expiring today. I also still had a couple of the Gillette Body Wash coupons also expiring today, but didn't figure I'd find any of those, and I was right. Stock was already running low last Sunday.

The first Kroger I stopped in I didn't find any 10/$10 Crest. They were marked 2/$5.00 and other prices. Grrrrr!

I did, however, come in on the motherload of bread clearance. White bread for .39, hot dog and hamburger buns for .49 cents. I got (4) loafs of bread, (3) pkgs of hamburg buns, and (2) pkgs of hot dog buns. Used one of the $4.00 OYNO on them.
Total OOP $.09 cents.

Then I blew another $4.00 OYNO on marked down angelfood cake and brown&serve rolls. Last week I passed over a marked down angelfood cake and someone else grabbed it up and I regretted it all week. So I didn't even think twice today. It was $1.39. The b&s rolls were .69 each, which wasn't that great, and not something we really "need" like loafa bread, but oh well, live a little, right.
Total OOP $.23 cents.

I also did another cheese deal, and got a A&W dessert topper, and a Teen Spirit deodorant.

Another deal is Kroger has the envelope packages of Weber seasoning for $0.89 thru 9/11, and there are .50 coupons in one of the inserts (expires 8/31), so makes those free. No overage because at Kroger coupons will only double up to the amount of the item.

Used $5.00 OYNO and $4.00 OYNO and $0.33 OOP
Rec'd $5.00 OYNO and $2.50 OYNO

On the way home I wasn't going to bother stopping in the other Kroger I passed, but then I thought, oh heck, just stop in and see if they maybe restocked the Gillette Body Wash (I've had good luck with them restocking later during the mega-sales before).
They had not restocked the Gillette, but I did find the 10/$10 Crest, YaY! I got 10 tubes of Crest.

Final Total $0.35 (tax)

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