Saturday, July 24, 2010

Food Lion

Wow. Talk about side-swiped. Didn't see this one coming from a mile away. I set out looking for papers this morning, hoping to find them in the Food Lion parking lot, so while I was there anyway, thought I better drop in and do a FL shop, while the GB is still on sale.

Besides the ground beef and buttery spread, I had also gotten a bottle of Mott's Medley and a couple bottles of Ketchup.

Until I was informed, as I was checking out, I couldn't use (2) coupons on an item. I pointed out that one coupon was a Food Lion store coupon, the other was a manufacturer. Yep, nope, still can't do it. One or the other.
No, surely that couldn't be right, that doesn't even make any sense. So the girl asked the CS person, and she verified that yes, they don't stack. (They did two days ago!)

So I said well take the stuff off then, if I can't use my coupons, I ain't buying it.

I finish buying this stuff (used a $4.00 Kroger OYNO to pay for the meat, which she tried to say they couldn't take, either, but they finally did), then I went to the CS desk and asked for the Store Manager.
I showed him I had a Food Lion coupon and a Manufacturer coupon, and said they are telling me I can't use these together. He said, That's right, only one.

I was like, are you kidding me? That is crazy! That's like saying you can't use a Food Lion and a dollar bill. I said, Do you understand (manufacturer coupons) are the same as money, they are reimbursable for cash?

He said he understood they were reimbursable, but nonetheless, that's the way it was.

I can't imagine what this idiot is thinking. The only thing I can think is he doesn't want to be bothered reedeeming coupons and throws them in the trash? I mean, who turns down money??

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