Friday, July 23, 2010

Rite Aid - Oral Care SCR #560

(Copied from SD)

The August SCR #560 is for oral care products:
Buy $15 get $5 RA gift card or Buy $25 get a $10 RA card (with wellness card) between 7/25 and 9/25

It says "includes floss, breath fresheners, denture care, mouth wash or rinse, toothbrushes,dental appliances, toothpastes, whitening products, or toothache and gum medications.

I'm hoping it will be a double dip on this month's weekly sale items. If it does, this week's items would count for $17.47 towards the SCR.

This week has:

Colgate $3.00 with $3 UP+ and MQ
MQ Link thanx to laundryoverload (I SO identify with your user name!)

Listerine pocketpacks or Reach toothbrushes ($3.99 with a $2.99 SCR and $1 UP+ minus any MQs p=0dQ8hKT9 []
link from wikki

Rembrandt tp ($5.49 less $3 MQ with $2 UP+)
link posted by PeterGabrielFan

Spinbrush Pro Toothbrush 1ct $4.99 minus $2 MQ and $1.99 +UP
link credit to Angellinda

OOP after coupons (and before using any RA $/$$):

$3.00 Colgate minus $1 or .75 MQ= $2 or $2.25 with $3 UP+
$1 or .75 MM
$3.99 Listerine Pocketpac or Reach tb minus $1 MQ w/$2.99 SCR
and $1 UP+
$1 MM
$5.49 Rembrandt minus $3 MQ with $2 UP+
.49 OOP
Spinbrush is $4.99 minus $2 MQ and $1.99 U+
$1 OOP


christa said...

Thanks for the heads up. The Rembrandt print said I already printed. Damn I know they are wrong. I found a 2/1 rembrandt MQ not sure which insert. Also there is a 1/10 oral care wellness coupon expires 7-25 And also a 1/1 rembrandt VV Q. Hopefully I can just pay tax. We will see, ya never know!
Yumm also looking forward to some free hershey's bliss with the July VV 1/1 and MQ 1/1 and the 1+ UP

christa said...

YAY did my transactions
#1 colgate total 3.00
use 1/1 MQ
use +up 2(last week motrin)= .21oop

#2 colgate total 3.00
use +up 3 (1st. Trans colgate) = .21oop

#3 rembrandt 5.49
spinbrush 4.99
reach toothbrush 3.99 x2 (as of Sunday morning will print +ups for both)
colgate total 3.00
use (This exact order)
3.99 BOGO reach MQ
+ up 3 (previous colgate)
+ up 3 (last week garnier)
1/10 wellness oral care rite aid Q
2/1 rembrandt MQ (not sure which insert)
1/1 rembrandt VV
2/1 spinbrush MQ
1/1 reach toothbrush MQ
Able to go into the negative
= -.53 totol oop .20 WOW
So sum it up used 6 +up from last week spent
.61 oop get back 3.99 scr and 8 +ups and hopefully 10 gift card from #556 scr
15.39 profit after tax and rolling +ups

Melissa said...

Great shopping trip Christa!

Sometimes when those coupon sites say you've already printed it, they really mean they are out of prints. I guess they only have one screen, whether you printed it or not.

Well I figured they were still limiting the +UPs this week, so I didn't get up this morning. I was wanting to stock up on the Nivea BW, my husband loves that stuff. I bought 5 papers yesterday and was going to get more today, but then figured might as well not, if they are limiting it. Argh.