Friday, July 2, 2010

Food Lion

Another couple of - mostly good - Food Lion runs today.

At the first one, they were doing the "Hot Shot" thing, selling the "Push" item, which was BOGO candy for .99 cents. I figured, what the heck, I can pop a buck for good will causes.

Good will, my foot. When I got in line my subtotal was at less than two-bucks. By the time I checked out I'd spent over $4.00.
Turned out the strawberries that had been 2/$4 yesterday were $2.99 today.
Ticked me off because I wasn't even going to get strawberries and then I said, yeah I better get them here, because they are $2.50 at the other store and I want to pay less.

The boneless, skinless chicken is $1.77 a pound; the packages start at about $2.50 and go up to $3.50 - $4.00. I found the cheapest and used a $1.00 off Holly Farms FLip.

Got (10) mayo, (1) sandwich shop mayo, (8) Smuckers, (2) Cool whip, (2) Capri Sun, (2) packages of chicken, (1) strawberries, and (2) M'n'M's for a total of $6.49!!!!

1) Subtotal $3.87 + .40 tax = $4.27 oop
2) Subtotal $1.88 + .34 tax = $2.22 oop

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