Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rite Aid

Rite Aid was the second "done gone wrong" of my day. I had read where someone posted that they'd gotten the +UP reward when they didn't use the in-ad coupon, which made sense, since the Oral-B was the only thing not using an in-ad coupon this week, and it kept giving the rewards. Even not using the in-ad coupon, it would have still been a $3.00 money maker after +UP reward.

I figured I could try it, and if it didn't work, just return it.

So I tried it, and it didn't work, so we were going to return it. The girl called the SS up, one I hadn't seen before. At first she didn't understand what we were talking about. She insisted I should have gotten the +UP reward everytime (I agree). Then she was like, oh I know why it didn't give it to her, she only paid $0.60!

I said no, that has nothing to do with then she decides the reason I didn't get was because you HAVE to use the in-ad coupon to get it. She went so as far as to say she GUARANTEED I would get it using the in-ad coupon.
So she does the return - gives me $0.64 back - re-rings it and uses the in-ad q and the Vv q and my $4.00 +UP reward I'd used. I paid, and again, no +UP reward.

So she's like, well, this is happening, today, now, and she stuffs my coupons in the drawer and starts to write $7.00 +UP reward on my receipt.

But then, the Manager shows up and she tells him, blah blah blah, and he says no, it's limit 1 per customer. He goes and gets the sale paper and shows me where on the in-ad coupon it says limit 1 per customer. I said that's talking about the coupon, not the reward.
He said he talked to Corporate and they told him all the +UP rewards were limit 1 per customer. Otherwise, they would lose tons of money.

Right. They had like 12 boxes in stock this week. So either I bought all 12, or 12 different people come in and buy them, how are they out any more money either way?
They are out money now, though, because 3 boxes didn't sell at all.

So, as I've already learned you can't argue with stupid (and this is my good store, so I didn't want to piss them off anyway) I just shut up and went on.
The SS said, well she had "fixed" my purchase for me, anyway. Still thinking I had only paid a few cents for it, when actually I was out a $4.00 +UP reward, so no, she didn't fix nothing.

But, it's not their fault, and I will be writing a scathing email to Rite Aid Customer Service/Corp.
The way they have been doing is bullcrap. Last week when they pictured the Crest w/ Scope toothpaste in the ad, and then oh, by the way, that one's not included. Now they are imposing limits - maybe - (they didn't on the Oral-B) without letting us know. Even if they decided to impose limits, okay, what the heck, people have been calling all week and being told no, the limits don't start until August, there ar eno limits right now. But tells the store manager, yes, it's limit one per customer.

I was going to do one more Garnier deal (not caring if I got the +UP or not) and use my +UP rewards wrote on my receipt by that Manager earlier in the week, but I figured he wouldn't honor them now, since he insisted it was one per customer, so I didn't even try.


Earthy Mama said...

Well, the BEST part is that this week, nowhere on ANYTHING does it limit anything- except the usual in ad coupon verbiage- none of the ups have anything about one per customer. Interesting...

Melissa said...

Don't that figure. I figured they were limiting now, despite what they were saying, so I didn't get up and get out to shop this morning.

Do you have the Nivea Body Wash in your short ad? If so, I'll know I can shop the RA's in my area this week and get it.