Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rite Aid

So I finally got out and went Rite Aid'ing. Learned something new. I know to go shopping to the county East of where I live for the Long ad, because the county I live in gets the Short ad....and, I thought, so did the county to the North of us. Turns out, the county to the North gets the Super-Short ad. Gah.

The first store I had no problems; I guess they are glad to get customers and happy to make money whether it's me paying cash, or the manufacturers paying for the coupons. I've always liked shopping this store, but as I said, can't much because they get the Short ad...come to find out the Super-Short ad.

I was lucky to find three bottles of the Nivea body wash here
1st Transaction I bought (2) Nivea, (1) Colgate, (2) loafs of bread marked to $1.00 each and (1) Trojan condoms clearanced to $3.49 (75% off).
Used (2) $3.00 +UP and $0.97 + .79 tax = $1.76 from Gift Card

Rec'd $1.00 Nivea, $1.00 Nivea, and $3.00 Colgate +UP rewards
SCR $3.00 Trojan (and $3.00 towards #560 Oral Care)
Final Total $0.24 Profit

2nd transaction I bought one bottle of the Nivea wash separately so I could roll the $1.00 +UP from the first order. I could probably have coupled it with one of the Colgates, but wasn't thinking quick on my feet.
Used $1.00 +UP and -.01 + .14 tax = $0.13 from gift card

Rec'd $1.00 +UP
Final Total = $0.13 cost

3rd and 4th trans I bought Colgates separately because I'd read that multiple +UPs weren't printing for some people and I didn't want to chance it.
Used (2) $1.00 +UP and .50 + .21 tax = $0.71 from gift card

Rec'd $3.00 +UP
($6.00 towards #560 Oral Care)
Final Total = $0.29 Profit ($0.58 total)

*Total $26.46 towards #560 Oral Care; earns $10.00 Gift Card

I left the store, but then thought, boxes of condoms for $0.49 after SCRs, I should get more of those. I had (2) Colgate $3.00 +UPs, so I went back in and bought (2) more boxes of condoms.
(I have (6) addresses, so don't try this unless you have more than (1) address...unless you actually need these, $3.49 is a really good price even without the SCR.)
Trans 5 and 6
Used (2) $3.00 +UP and .49 + .24 tax = $0.73 from gift card

SCR Trojan $3.00
Final Total = $0.73 cost ($1.46 total)

Then I left that store and proceeded onto the other Rite Aid across town, another store I've not previously had too much trouble shopping at but just haven't much because of the Short ad. Today, however, was a different story.
First of all I found (4) bottles of Nivea in stock. Usually when I find stuff in stock in a store that I know other couponers shop, I already know something must be up. But, no guts no glory, right.

1st trans I got (4) Nivea, (3) Reach Floss, (1) Colgate, (1) Reach TB, (1) Rembrant TP, (1) Trojan condoms.
I laid my coupons on the counter, the cashier looked at them, but kinda blew them off like they weren't anything and told me the total would be (I forget how much). I said, um, I have coupons. She was like, ok, and calls the Store Manager to the front. I asked if she didn't know how to do coupons and she said yes, she did. That was it, no explanation why she called the SM.
So he comes up there and she says that I have all these coupons. First thing he says, you know we have a limit of two on the wash.
I said, no, didn't know, didn't see a sign posted saying there was any limit.
He said if I read the fine print in the ad, it states they can put limits on items.
I said that I knew they could, but there was nothing saying they did.
He said if someone came in there and bought it all up there would have been none left for me.
I said, yeah, that happens.
He said again about the ad saying they could put limits.
I said again I knew they COULD, but since they don't usually, how am I supposed to know they DID this time, on this one item? I told him I am all about following rules, IF I know about them, but it's not really fair to let me come in the store and do my shopping and have my plan (with my coupons) and then get to the register and you say "Oh, and by the way, there's a limit", is it?
He said, next time there will be a sign.
He never did say I couldn't buy all the Nivea, or take them off the order himself.

So then he spreads out all my coupons and starts looking through them, then he starts scanning them. The Reach IP that always beeps (someone said they believed it was miscoded for Listerine) beeped, so he set it aside. By the end of him scanning all my coupons I was -.65 and only owed .74, so he said that's why the $1.00 coupon wouldn't work.

This is how I found out they are the Super-Short ad area; they didn't have the Rembrant TP deal in their ad. Instead of $5.49, it rang up $3.84, so messed up my totals, sending me in the negative. (Can't believe that SM allowed that.)

Used $10.00 +UP and -0.65 + 1.39 tax = $.74 from gift card
Rec'd $1.00 Nivea x 4, $2.00 Reach, $3.00 Colgate
SCR $3.00 Trojan ($13.80 towards #560 Oral Care)
Final Total = $1.26 Profit

Trans 2 and 3
In the 1st trans, I didn't really have any 'questionable' coupons, as far as like stacking two or three coupons for alot of overage, but in my next transactions I was using a $4/2 to buy $2 worth of Rolaids. I wasn't sure he was going to let me get away with that. He looked at the coupon, at the register, at the coupon. I looked at him with the imperious questioning eyebrow lift. Finally he just scanned it without arguing.
I bought (2) Rolaids and (1) Colgate.
Used $1.00 +UP and $0.00 + .35 tax = $0.35 from gift card

Rec'd $3.00 Colgate
($6.00 towards #560 Oral Care)
Final Total $1.65 Profit ($3.30 total)

Trans 4 and 5 I was getting (2) more boxes of condoms. First box rang up fine, but the next one rang up $10.something. He asked, because he knew I wasn't intending to pay that much, and I said no, hadn't intended to get those. So he voided, and I went back to find a stickered box. There were several pegs with a 75% off sticker stuck to them - including the box that rang up $10.something - but none of the boxes had stickers on them - including the two boxes I had just bought.
I got another box of the same ones I had just bought and knew was ringing up $3.49. Back at the register I told him none of the boxes had stickers on them, but I knew these were ringing up 75% off.
He said, maybe you are just lucky to be getting these.

Excuse me?! Maybe he's just lucky I'm not in a pissy enough mood to report his attitude and mis-priced items to Corp! Jerk.

Used $3.00 +UP and .49 + .24 tax = $0.73 from gift card
SCR $3.00 Trojan
Final Total = $0.73 cost ($1.46 total)

Final Final Total = $12.33 Profit ($19.80 towards another #560)


Earthy Mama said...

What an ass.

I bought up all the trojans at my stores too. :D Great deal!!! (except the magnums. *ahem* didn't need those) ;)

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