Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food Lion

I never tried using the Harvey's coupons at Food Lion before, but it occured to me since they (my stores) now take all competitor coupons, maybe they'd take it.

The Food Lion q was $1.00/2, and coded as an mq so maybe not even work with a nother mq.
The Harvey's q was $2.00/3, which was a better value, and was also a store coupon, so stackable.
I had .20 mqs from the inside of the Banquet meals boxes from a few months ago. Those doubled to .40.
In the end I got (3) Hunt's ketchup, and $0.20 overage.

The Harvey's coupon beeped as Not Found when she scanned it. I didn't offer anything. She read all the fine print and said, she'd had a problem with a coupon like that earlier, she'd just have to enter it manually. When she tried that it came up with all that, no matching item, coupon for more than price, or some such, which was the same thing it said last week when I was buying the Holly Farms with FLips, so I'm thinking it has more to do with how they are entering it or something.
Anyway, she called a manager, or CS, whatever, over, and told her it wasn't scanning, but I had bought 3 ketchups. She looked at the coupon and said No problem, and typed in something, stuck in her key and turned it, and it took it off.
I'm not sure if they saw it was a Harvey's, rather than a FL. Not sure how they could have missed it.

The store I visited today finally got the machine where you scan your card and it gives you coupons. Nothing much to get excited over. Half of them were FLips, good TODAY only.
The others are mqs and had longer expire dates, but the bar codes start with 9, so those don't double.
One of the mqs I got was .50 off Tony's pizza, so since they were 10/10.00 (or 1.00 each) I tried it out to see I got free pizza.
I didn't.

I did get a FLip for .50 off (2) Food Lion bread. The bread was $1.05 each, so $1.60/2 after coupon.

And then I got the 2.5lb package of ground beef, value priced at $5.31.

Used $2.00 Food Lion OYNO cat and $3.50 Kroger OYNO cat.
(I had also thought about trying to see if I could use RRs here, but, of course, forgot to take any inside. I think I would be able to, though, because she just scanned the ones I used, and it took them. She didn't have to enter the Kroger as a competitor coupon. Since RRs are mq's, they would just scan, too.)

Final Total $1.96 oop

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