Friday, July 2, 2010

Food Lion

Whew, my old age caught up to me this morning. Can't handle early mornings and late nights and out running the roads all every day like I used to.
My kid is sick with a chest cold so we'd decided we wouldn't get up at 6am this morning to go for his morning run, so I didn't set the clock, and figured I'd go out shopping whenever I got up since I didn't have anywhere to be the rest of the day.

I woke up at 8:00am and thought, I need to get up and get to the drug stores before everyone beats me there. For some reason I thought it was Sunday morning, lol. But then I thought, to heck with it, let 'em have it. And turned over and went back to sleep. I woke up around Noon...or more like was woken up when John came in from work.

I think I've pretty much given up on Rite Aid for the week. I need to do 10 more shops for the BOGO Banana Boat to get another qualifying SCR #555, and that just ain't happening a this point. The SCR goes thru 7/24, so maybe another good deal will come up for me to be able to finish it off.

Otherwise the only store I'd planned to visit was Food Lion, and earlier today I wasn't even caring much if I went there, either. I wasn't sure I was going to make it out of my pj's today, but I got up moving around when John had to get ready to go to work again this evening and I felt better. So I asked my son Ryan if he wanted to ride to Food Lion with me (ie. drive me there and do a 2nd shop for me).

I couldn't decide if I wanted to drive 20 minutes to a store that may be out of everything, or 40 minutes to a store that I am reasonably sure is probably well stocked. We picked the 20 minutes store because there is another store maybe 10 minutes past it that has been well-stocked all week, so if the 20 minute store wasn't stocked we could always go to the other store and it not be any farther than if we had gone to the 40 minutes store. But luckily the 20 minutes store was re-stocked so we didn't have to drive any farther.

I got two almost identical orders:
(4) Kraft Mayo
(1) Sandwich Mayo
(1) Capri Sun
(1) Cool Whip
(4) Smuckers
(1) Chicken Tenders (out of breasts) $2.29 and $2.49

My order came out to be $1.00 exactly, including tax.
Ryan's came out to be $4.56. Whaaaaatttt?

Turned out, for some reason the Smuckers coupons I printed this time aren't scanning so they are having to enter them manually, and instead of taking off $1.67, she added it.
So I went to the CS desk and explained what happened and got a refund, except he gave the refund based on the $2.19 regular price, not the $1.67 sale price. He said it came out to more, but not to worry about it.
He gave me $4.58 back, so Ryan's order turned out to be Free + .02 cents.

Final Total $0.98 oop


Cheap&Sweet said...

Glad you got out of bed because .98¢ shop aint half bad. lol

Melissa said...

You ain't kiddin'!