Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rite Aid

First shop of the day, Rite Aid.

Got 4 John Frieda, Clearasil, and OralB TB. Explained to the cashier about the $3/2 JF coupons ringing up $1.00, needing to be input manually. She calls Manager over.
Manager starts laying out and going through all the coupons. She decides that because I'm using a $10 JF +UP coupon, it's "basically" giving me the shampoo for free, so....that's why the coupon is ringing up $1.00 instead of $3.00? Huh?

I explain that coupon has nothing to do with it, if they rang the JF by itself, with no other coupons at all, it still rings up $1.00!
So she sends cashier to other register to verify. When it does exactly that, she has nothing else to say about that, but then busts me on the Clearasil overage. I have to make a decision as to which coupons I want to use, but I can't use them all. I decide they can keep their Clearasil.

She takes it off, explaining to me that she can't allow coupons for one item to pay for other items, because THAT'S COUPON FRAUD.
I said, it is not. If it was, Publix wouldn't give overage on coupons. It ticked me off - I went in knowing I could be called on it and was determined to not argue and just calmly say to take it off, but that just flew all at me, and especially after she tried to make up BS about why the JF coupons wouldn't ring up right - so I told her that I wished YOU PEOPLE would actually learn how coupons work before you go throwing the word fraud around all the time.

Fraud is creating/using coupons that weren't issued by a manufacturer, or using a legit coupon for, say, shampoo to buy deodorant instead, and not shampoo at all.
But as long as you buy the shampoo, the manufacturer could care less what price the store sold it to you for. When the coupons are submitted for reimbursement, the manufacturer says, You submitted 4,000 coupons...How many shampoos did you sell? They don't ask how much the store sold them for.
So as long as the item was bought, for whatever price, Rite Aid will get reimbursed the full amount of the coupon, so using any overage towards other items is not FRAUD.

She assured me that if I wanted the Clearasil I could use the $3.00 in-ad q, and the $3.00 Vv q, and she would "give it to me for free". She said she "didn't mind giving it free..."
I guess she don't, since she's making extra money, ripping it off her customers like that.

Subtotal $0.84 + 1.23 tax = $2.07
Used $10.00 JF +UP
Rec'd $10.00 JF, and $2.00 OralB = $.07 cost

(You might notice there are four JF Sheer Blonde mind was still stuck on the past few days where I was having to buy the Blonde stuff because of the Vv coupon. Didn't occur to me I could buy any other kind now, lol. My Dad likes Ravishingly Red (not really the name of it, but I can't think of the right name at the moment), anyway they didn't have any Red, so I got Brunette for my Mom, or Aunt, or whoever ends up with it.)

At the next store I did two transactions and had no trouble. I did the deal without the John Frida first, so there would be no reason to call attention to the coupons I was using. But the same guy that checked me out yesterday was there again and he remembered I had told him about the JF's yesterday and gave me no trouble about entering them manually. I love easy cashiers :-)

Did the same order as above: four John Frieda, Clearasil, OralB TB.

Subtotal -.37 + 1.40 tax = $1.03
Used $10.00 JF +UP
Rec'd $10.00 JF, $2.00 OralB = $.97 Profit

In the other order I got OralB TB, Clearasil, Veet, two Banana Boat sunblock sticks.

Subtotal -.39 + 1.04 tax = $.65
Used $2.00 +UP
Rec'd $2.00 OralB = .65 cost/$4.99 towards skincare rebate

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