Monday, July 19, 2010

Rite Aid

I read some MBs regarding the missing +UP rewards yesterday, and similar things happened to other people, but, nothing explainable. If everyone experienced a limit 1, you could see that, but some people got it twice, one transaction right after the other. Some didn't get it in a 2nd transaction, but did the next day.

I decided to try the Limit 1 Per Day theory today, but apparently that's not it either. I only got the $1.50 OralB Floss reward.

I saw it when it printed it and none of the others but I didn't say anything; I didn't really spend much, and I got the last I needed to finish another skincare rebate, so....
But the SS, who was cashiering, saw that they didn't print out and she was like, oh I got to show the boss, and called the Manager (or Asst Manager?) over. They said they'd had the same trouble yesterday (same store I got all mine at yesterday morning).

Anyway the Manager wrote on my receipt all the missing rewards. I guess I have to spend $13.50 all at once, but I ain't bitchin' about that. Coulda been like my last shop yesterday and got nothing but "We don't know what to do" crap.

I was pretty darn irritated to get there and realize I hadn't cut out anymore $3.00 Zegerid MQs from yesterday's inserts. I even sat in my car before leaving, thinking, Ok, am I forgetting anything? Did I need to print more of anything, or anything? Nope. Okay.
The $5/$25 and the overage from the Garnier covered it so I didn't have to spend more, but dang, that was a free package of Oreos or jug of milk.

$10.00 Zegerid
- 3.00 in-ad q
- 3.00 Vv q

$6.49 Garnier
-5.00 in-ad q x 2
-2.00 Vv q x 2
-1.00 MQ x 2

$6.29 Motrin 20ct.
-3.00 in-ad q
-3.00 MQ
-1.00 Vv q

$2.99 Oral B Floss
-1.00 MQ

$1.49 Lance snack cookies x 2

-5.00/25.00 Vv q

Total $0.24 + 1.70 tax = $1.94 from Gift Card
Rec'd $1.50 Oral-B ($7.00 Zegerid, $2.00 Motrin, $3.00 Garnier by Manager)
SCR Skincare #555 $12.98
Final Total $11.56 Profit; $25.00 Gift Card #555

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